Top Android Games to Tryout in November 2021

The Google play store publishes a massive number of games every month. We have listed the best games released in November 2021, covering all genres, including role-playing, card, puzzle, arcade, board, and many more. You can pick your hands on your favorite ones and mesmerize yourself with the fantastic gameplay.

Game Name Platform Link
Middle Earth Rise of Elf King PlayStore
Peace Above The Clouds PlayStore
Astro Wars PlayStore
Mazes PlayStore
Pride Run 3D PlayStore
Decoration Run PlayStore
Morit Bizarre Skeleton Crusade PlayStore
Samurai Slash: Ninja Rush Power PlayStore
Venus Revenge PlayStore
Mrs Butcher: Flesh Or Treat PlayStore
Ball Switch Masters – Survive the Grid PlayStore
Crate Master PlayStore
Treasure Raiders: Epic Battle PlayStore
Run Raine PlayStore
Stacky Glide: Mega Dash Island PlayStore
Takeover RTS PlayStore
Monster Breakout! Brick Breaker Pixel RPG (Early Access) PlayStore
Paper Fold: Paper Puzzle 3D PlayStore
Balls Merge 2048 PlayStore
Quarto Logic Board Game PlayStore
Stacky Glide: Mega Dash Island PlayStore
Makeup Fruits PlayStore
Paper Plane X PlayStore
S.E.C. Inc. (Early Access) PlayStore
Walled Garden PlayStore
Paper Plane PlayStore
escape game: Mist PlayStore
Solo Hero Reanimated PlayStore
Solitaire Merge 3D PlayStore
Water Sort – Color Sorting Fun PlayStore

Middle Earth Rise of Elf King

Capture enemy land. Destroy enemy generals, warlords, castles, and temples. grand military commander Legolas, Gandalf, Elven King, and his heroic army attacks Orc’s evil armies and rises the Elf Kingdom.

Peace Above The Clouds

You play as a bad person who is trying to pollute this cute utopic world. You cut trees, collect wood, and build bridges to escape from environmentalists.

Astro Wars

Astrowars is a Free Multiplayer Space Strategy Game. You start at the edge of the galaxy where you can build up, colonize and take over planets in competition with players from all over the world!


Go through all the mazes to reach the end. Take good care of yourself to not get lost. The mazes are complicated and at any point, you can forget the way you came.

Pride Run 3D

Gather and upgrade your squad to push guards back.

Decoration Run

Choose furniture according to the given theme and collect points.

Morit Bizarre Skeleton Crusade

Fabulous fighting adventure quest of skeletons, ghouls, and devils. Roguelike action and dark grim magic powers. This is Undead Offline Games. Revive and start killing monsters! Become the ultimate monster killer and fight against the final bosses!

Samurai Slash: Ninja Rush Power

Runner game with sword fighting elements. You play as a samurai who wants to defeat enemies and the main boss. The samurai has two swords and can cut any objects with them. By accumulating strength in swords, the samurai and you become even stronger.

Venus Revenge

Venus Revenge is a 90’s arcade-style video game, where you will find fast-paced action from the get-go.

Mrs Butcher: Flesh Or Treat

While trick-or-treating on Halloween night, your beloved Girlfriend was lured into Mrs. Butcher’s house and taken as a hostage. Sneak into the house, rescue your Girlfriend, and don’t let the bloodthirsty monster rip you in half.

Ball Switch Masters – Survive the Grid

Ball Switch Masters is a never-ending casual game that you’ll never want to put off.

Crate Master

Can you become the Master of Crates? Try to maintain your avatar’s balance by using super simple controls: Slide to balance Avoid falling off the crates while ascending and descending the crate stairs to finish a level. More levels coming soon!

Treasure Raiders: Epic Battle

You are a treasure hunter who got his hands on an epic chest full of gold and jewels, but other raiders have caught you in a tough spot! Your goal in this game is to defend this treasure for as long as possible from these bandits.

Run Raine

Raine must escape. Tap the screen to jump, and double tap to use collected powerups. Jump from building to building and avoid enemies to achieve the highest distance you can!

Stacky Glide: Mega Dash Island

Beach sun, free fun, amazing adventures, and games they promised. But instead, your supersonic plane crashed on a lonely treasure island. Lost in the wild, you must become the top survivor. Pick a hero, swipe to collect stacks of wood, dash across islands and unlock treasure chests as rewards.

Takeover RTS

The takeover is a real-time strategy game where you command squads of units to protect your strongholds from enemies and seize their buildings to win. For centuries the Rivadis Empire ruled the continent in its shine and glory. But now it fell into necromancers’ hands and dying. The time for a Takeover has come!

Monster Breakout! Brick Breaker Pixel RPG (Early Access)

Enjoy the Classic Breakout game with a new RPG twist and beautiful Pixel Art. The Brick breaker world is in danger! Monsters are attacking the village. Equip your shield and ball, and break all obstacles and monsters with your ball.

Paper Fold: Paper Puzzle 3D

A simple paper fold simulation. It’s super fun and relaxing.

Balls Merge 2048

Travel through the magic bubble environment, and throw the bubble to the same color and size to become bigger. Be careful not to hit the black bubbles and spikes if you don’t want to split or blow out! Reach the final line as a 2048 bubble or even bigger than that!

Quarto Logic Board Game

We knew how long you have been waiting for this and now it happened! At the request of many Quoridor users, we have created the Quarto Logic Board Game! Now you have the opportunity to arrange a whole competition of two games!

Stacky Glide: Mega Dash Island

Beach sun, free fun, amazing adventures, and games they promised. But instead, your supersonic plane crashed on a lonely treasure island. Lost in the wild, you must become the top survivor. Pick a hero, swipe to collect stacks of wood, dash across islands and unlock treasure chests as rewards.

Makeup Fruits

Have you tried putting makeup on a watermelon? and eyelashes or lipstick? These fruits need your help looking good and it’s up to you to transform them by putting all the makeup and accessories necessary on them!

Paper Plane

A legendary game where you have to destroy ships and space objects.

S.E.C. Inc. (Early Access)

S.E.C.Inc. (Supernatural Event Control Incorporation) is a monster-hunting business management video game, in which players manage agents, and receive requests to help civilians, and eliminate monsters.

Walled Garden

Does your menial 9-5 job make you want to jump into oncoming traffic? Same here! Customize your character and live out your neurotic fantasies of getting back at your knuckle-dragging boss. Embezzle, distract, hack and burn your way to the top, but beware of your mindless coworkers and supervisors. Cover up your degenerate behavior using staplers, bombs, pigs, and more, while stealing from your co-workers and embezzling company funds. Bring down The Company before you submit to a life of mindless servitude!

Paper Plane

Be the top high score of the journey. fly the paper plane to the endless journey of this hyper-casual game. Avoid all birds. show your aviation skill and share with your friends.

escape game: Mist

It’s a simple room escape game where you look for clues to escape hidden in the MIST and solve the mystery.

Solo Hero Reanimated

Hello Citizen! Thank you for volunteering for this perilous mission. As you know humanity has been struck down by an extra-terrestrial infection. The infection has caused the recently deceased to rise from the grave and attack those who remain healthy. The infection causes a severe mutation when passed on to those survivors.

Solitaire Merge 3D

“Do you like to play Solitaire? Are you tired of the same old gameplay or the other basic versions like Klondike, Spider, Pyramid, Freecell, and Blitz? We have just the card game for you! Come play, compete and win in the trending new, free Solitaire Merge 3D game, Puzzle Solitaire!

Water Sort – Color Sorting Fun

“Sort the colored water and solve more than hundreds of levels in this addictive water sorting game. Switch and match your way through by sorting the tubes in the correct order. If you like ball-sorting games, logic puzzles, brain teasers, or any color-sorting puzzles, you will love this color-matching game.

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