Top Android Games to Tryout in October 2021

Hundreds of games are released on the Google play store every month, covering all genres and categories, including simulation, adventure, action, sports, and many more. We have listed the best games released in October 2021. You can pick the best ones of your choice and have a quick go at them.

Game Name Platform Price Link
Mad Mob PlayStore Free
Raid Over The River PlayStore Free
Find & Click PlayStore Free
High Score Cuber PlayStore Free
Glow Water Ring 3D PlayStore Free
Save Dino (Early Access) PlayStore Free
Pocket Hunter Origins PlayStore Free
Maze House PlayStore Free
Highland Wars PlayStore Free
Stack Ball – Helix Crush 3D PlayStore Free
Zomboned PlayStore Free
Match! – Can you handle the pressure? PlayStore Free
Operation Monarch PlayStore Free
Warrior of Sindhra : Action Platformer Offline PlayStore Free
Intense Speed – Stunts & Fast Cars 3DRacing Game PlayStore Free
GrowEm – Free to Play (Early Access) PlayStore Free
Demand PlayStore Free
Mr. Snake PlayStore Free
Balancy PlayStore Free
Math Master | Puzzles & Riddles for Brain Training PlayStore Free
The world of multiplication tables PlayStore Free
MATH KING – Fun game to improve your Math skills PlayStore Free
Platform Runner PlayStore Free
Fruity Bricks PlayStore Free
Smiley Crush PlayStore Free
Kitty Cat: Hungry Cat Feeding PlayStore Free
Orc Loot – Play and Earn Free Rewards PlayStore Free
Lava Run 3D : Bridge Racing Game PlayStore Free
word games PlayStore Free
RGB Loopers PlayStore Free

Mad Mob

A different endless running game where you control not one, but many runners Mad Mob is a different and addictive endless running game, where you control not one, but many runners.

Raid Over The River

Dozens of insanely difficult levels. Fast action. Nice music. International ranking of players! (you don’t have to log in)

Find & Click

Find & Click is a colorful free game with unique and addicting gameplay. It is easy to learn and will offer its players a very original gaming experience.

High Score Cuber

Dodge obstacles, see how far you can go, and customize the game your way. Unlock new sound effects, music, backgrounds, and stickers to customize the game how you want to play it. The arcade-style high score is always shown on the main menu so you can compare your score with others offline.

Glow Water Ring 3D

This game is the digital version of the water rings stick game that you played in childhood. This game supports gravity. if you tilt your phone you can influence the ring’s movement.

Save Dino (Early Access)

A huge asteroid is going to hit the Earth. Its fragments are falling destroying everything on their way. Now you are Dino who is trying to escape. But… There are more things you need to beware of!

Pocket Hunter Origins

Start off as a novice hunter and take down increasingly powerful creatures in this epic action adventure game. Team up with a friend to defeat legendary creatures in multiplayer mode. Enhance your hunter’s abilities and take them to the next level. Master a tier of special skills and unlock the next to power up further.

Maze House

Use your memory skill to escape the Maze House.

Highland Wars

Earn the in-game credit and upgrade your weapons and abilities.

Stack Ball – Helix Crush 3D

Stack Ball is super fun and addictive arcade game in which you have to get to the very end by smashing all the rotating platforms. Tap and hold the screen to let the ball come down and smash the colorful platforms without touching the black platforms!


Shaun the zombie has awoken! But the villagers aren’t too happy. Help Shaun escape the angry villagers trying to catch him.

Match! – Can you handle the pressure?

Do you want to challenge your reflexes while under pressure? Do you want to challenge your eyes with colorful shapes? Then this game is for you! A time-killing casual game when you’re free!

Operation Monarch

Defeat 100 levels of insect-like aliens in this classic 2D vertical scrolling shooter. Big boss aliens to destroy, action, explosions, and everything you need in a game! As you shoot the aliens their alien guts leave a trail of splatter across the alien worlds. So satisfying.

Warrior of Sindhra: Action Platformer Offline

Warrior of Sindhra is a 2D platformer game and a classic arcade adventure with a non-linear plot. Plunge into the world of the unknown and fight the main evil, if you are worthy of it. Destroying hordes of enemies, wolves, and evil spirits, you must bring back stolen gems and jewels. Defeat the Demon Lord and bring peace to humanity.

Intense Speed – Stunts & Fast Cars 3DRacing Game

Intense Speed: Stunts & Fast Cars Racing brings you the most wanted and epic racing game of this era. Experience the world of top-speed and Drag & Fast Racing Games. This racing game is for all retro racing games lovers with rich experiences and graphics context of the 16-bit generation. Test and enhance your driving skills to the limit. This game gives you the chance to race with AI Drivers, against the clock, and MUCH MORE!

GrowEm – Free to Play (Early Access)

GrowEm is a completely free-to-play application In which users can play various mini-games and can spend their time.


Learn how to predict the future in this puzzle game that teaches you the laws of Demand.

Mr. Snake

Mr. Snake is a Snake Game where you need to take the fruit to increase the score, your score is saved on local storage so that you can compete with your previous latest highest score. Remember to Follow the Directions as Given in “Dual” and tap near the arrow keys of that direction that helps your snake to earn more scores.


How do you trust your balance ability? Is your internal ear is good enough? Come on, play this game and test yourself!

Math Master | Puzzles & Riddles for Brain Training

With a blend of logical problems, Math Master will raise your IQ. Challenge yourself with several levels of math games to push your mental boundaries. These exercises are good for training your brain.

The world of multiplication tables

Learning multiplication tables has always been a boring task for almost everyone who has had to go through this stage. An educational game is always a guarantee of success. This game will help you learn the multiplication tables with minimal effort.

MATH KING – Fun game to improve your Math skills

MATH KING is the perfect game to help your kids to improve their Math skills in an easy & fun way! MATH KING game even helps you to develop calculation speed with high accuracy!

Platform Runner

Run between falling platforms while fighting off enemies to beat your high score!

Fruity Bricks

You have to quickly think of where to place the next group of fruits such that similar fruits can hit one another. When similar fruits hit one another, they burst and increase your score. You can use a coming group of fruits to push others that are already on the ground around so that you can hit your target. If you don’t act fast, you may lose control of the current group of fruits.

Smiley Crush

Switch and match Emojis in this funny puzzle adventure to progress to the next level for that smiley-winning feeling! Solve puzzles with quick thinking and smart moves, and be rewarded with colorful rainbow-colored cascades and funny emoji combos!

Kitty Cat: Hungry Cat Feeding

Start playing Kitty Cat: Hungry Cat Feeding today – a cute cat puzzle game and great for brain training.

Orc Loot – Play and Earn Free Rewards

Win and earn real rewards with fast delivery by using Orc Loot! Orc Loot lets you have fun playing games and provides many different ways to earn coins which you can redeem for real rewards!

Lava Run 3D : Bridge Racing Game

Lava Run 3D is a new runner game. Swipe left and right. Avoid meteors and build up holes in the bridge. Try to find the best shortcut to win the race.

word games

This app is created for fun, it’s an app with images and words, this app doesn’t collect your information, it saves only your score on your device, if you uninstall the app, you will lose your score.

RGB Loopers

RGB Loopers is a Hyper-casual game where you have to collect points of different colors while avoiding rings rotating around them. If you collect points in a certain order you will unlock power-ups that will help you set high-score even higher!

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