Top Android Games to Tryout in September 2021

The Google play store releases hundreds of games each month. These games are categorized according to their genre, like puzzles, sports, adventure, and many more. We have listed down the best ones released in August 2021. Get your hands on your favorite ones and have a go at it!

Game Name Platform Price Link
Nobleman’s Brawl PlayStore Free
S Knight : Man’s Power PlayStore Free
Neon Draw – infinity PlayStore Free
Klondike Solitaire: Free Classic Card Game PlayStore Free
Oxide: Survival Island PlayStore Free
World Countries Quiz PlayStore Free
Endless Milk Crate Challenge PlayStore Free
EzySudoku PlayStore Free
Jumping Glob (Classic Arcade Game) PlayStore Free
Village : The Dark Times PlayStore Free
King of the Top PlayStore Free
Line Draw Racing PlayStore Free
Truck CarGo PlayStore Free
Magic Triangles – Math Puzzles – Aritgram PlayStore Free
Kiwi PlayStore Free
ZDU: Zombie Disposal Unit PlayStore Free
Fur Ball Jump – Arcade Game PlayStore Free
Mush Rush! PlayStore Free
Rotato Rocket PlayStore Free
Trivia True Legends: Free Trivia Games Quiz PlayStore Free
Push Stone PlayStore Free
Real Speed Supercars Drive PlayStore Free
First To Life PlayStore Free
Melody Genius PlayStore Free
Samedi Manor: Idle Simulator PlayStore Free
Space City Liner: Cat Taxi PlayStore Free
Block Puzzle Jewel Star PlayStore Free
Fight Masters PlayStore Free
Helibot (Early Access) PlayStore Free
ColorMinis Classics-3D Anime Mandala Coloring Game PlayStore Free

Nobleman’s Brawl

Medieval Nobleman’s Brawl is a game where you need to show your tactician skills against other Players. Eliminate them in a fight or dominate the camp.

S Knight: Man’s Power

A 19-gold pixel RPG with dot sensibility for adults, SNITE!! An action RPG that is witty like adult humor and interesting like a traditional RPG!!

Neon Draw – infinity

Draw a line to guide the ball to the targets. Avoid the circles with a red X, if they are hit it is game over. But do not worry! I put some special powers to help you. With the super ball, you break everything and you are invincible for a while. With multi-ball, you get small balls that will help you score even more points! With the power of Slow, you’re sure to have time to think about your next move. With 1UP you get a shield that will guarantee you a life!

Klondike Solitaire: Free Classic Card Game

Play the most popular Klondike card game for FREE! Klondike Solitaire (or Patience Solitaire) requires thinking and good memory, also a little bit of luck to win. Download our Solitaire game and immerse yourself in the world of classic card games!

Oxide: Survival Island

Learn how to survive in the wild! Step 1: gather resources and create tools. Step 2: build a shelter and make some attire. Step 3: craft weapons, chase animals, and procure food. Don’t forget about other players inhabiting this island. Make allies to fight alongside! Ready? Steady, Go! Do your best to stay alive!

World Countries Quiz

Every single country is presented from all the continents. Africa, Asia, Europe, North America, Oceania, South America… All are here! Do you know what is the capital of Australia? Which is the continent of Suriname? Maybe, all the neighboring countries of Russia? Or, is Jordan a landlocked country? If yes, then this is the right place to prove your skills. If not, don’t worry! We are here to educate you throughout all those exciting mini-quizzes.

Endless Milk Crate Challenge

Climb an endless amount of crates in this game inspired by the famous Milk Crate Challenge!


Classic Sudoku for beginners and advanced players. Whether you’d like to relax or keep your mind active – pass the time in a pleasant way with sudoku free puzzle game! Get a small stimulating break or clear your head! Take your favorite number game with you wherever you go.

Jumping Glob (Classic Arcade Game)

Jumping Glob is an easy-to-control arcade platform game, where you will enter the world of this nice character, dodging enemies, using elevators to move through his crazy levels, and trying to get all the fruits to go to the next level.

Village: The Dark Times

Destroy the enemies and solve puzzles to find shelter from the monsters that have ravaged your village. Try to reach the end by passing the levels!

King of the Top

Start playing and jump higher than all other players to get to the top, but be aware it will be hard.

Line Draw Racing

Line draw racing is a very fun endless game that will make you want to play it again and again in order to get a higher score. The rules are very easy, you just have to draw the road to make the vehicle pass through the obstacles that exist by paying attention to the balance of the vehicle so as not to fall and game over.

Truck CarGo

Truck simulator game for driving enthusiasts. Demonstrate your driving skills in this game. Do not forget that your truck is low on fuel, but you can overcome this problem if you are a professional driver.

Magic Triangles – Math Puzzles – Aritgram

Now we bring back one of the classic math puzzles, the Magic Triangles, in a fun math app. This game contains a total of 48 levels arranged in 4 difficulty modes. So put your ingenuity and mental math skills to the test, and try to solve all these magic triangles that we introduce to you.


Kiwi is an adorable 2D Auto Scroller with hand-drawn art and original music. You play as Kiwi, a young bird who is on a quest to rescue his parents after they have been captured by poachers. On his journey, Kiwi will travel to three Islands– New Zealand, Australia, and Japan– and face new enemies and obstacles along the way.

ZDU: Zombie Disposal Unit

A new kind of virus is discovered and humankind has proven unable to withstand it. This virus unleashed the first zombie outbreak this planet has seen. The first response was all-out war, but the zombies mutated.

Fur Ball Jump – Arcade Game

As a cute Fur Ball trapped in a cage, your only goal is to keep yourself fed and avoid a horrible death by lava! Control your cutie with a simple swipe and eat as many bugs as you can handle! Bon Appétit! Don’t forget to always stay off the ground and avoid spike bombs, as they drain your health!

Mush Rush!

A psychedelic stock trading paradise waiting to be discovered! Play as Shroomy, a young mushroom who hopes to achieve financial freedom by investing in psychedelic stocks. Equipped with several tools to make sound investment decisions, Shroomy ventures into the unknown world of stock trading. With the loving support of his family and neighbors, Shroomy is destined for success!

Rotato Rocket

Touch left and right arrows to guide your spaceship through an asteroid field. Collect coins for bonus points and have fun rotating! Try not to hit the asteroids! Don’t forget to type in your name – a global high scoreboard is included so you can compete with everyone!

Trivia True Legends: Free Trivia Games Quiz

Play free trivia games in Trivia True Legends, answer a huge collection of best trivia questions, and become True Legends!

Push Stone

Push Stone is a game that uses or pushes stone objects to help jump and kill monsters until the goal is to get out of the door

Real Speed Supercars Drive

Welcome to the best driving simulator game on the market! Enjoy driving and customizing the fastest and most attractive cars in the world, testing your driving skills and speed in races, jumping over radars, and driving with precision in parkour challenges. All this is in a huge open-world map, where you can go through a variety of areas including a city, a port, an off-road area, and an abandoned industrial area. In addition, with the best possible physics.

First To Life

Be the source of life and reach the egg in First To Life! Super satisfying and smooth gameplay. Controls LOTS of units. See your actions come to life, literally. Fun, colorful, and challenging levels.

Melody Genius

Melody Genius is a spinning rhythm game based on the 12-tone scale buttons. Touch the melody blocks at the right time!

Samedi Manor: Idle Simulator

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be the farmer of the undead? Become an idle manager and manage all of your idle profits! Restore the residence and help Baron Samedi make an army of undead to return to the underworld! Build your Samedi Manor, improve your skeleton farms, make your army more intimidating, and hire managers to your estate.

Space City Liner: Cat Taxi

At some point, people who explore the road with a focus on activating the road between the space cities appeared. They wander on the space road, calling themselves space travelers, and wandering around the vast ocean of space, calling it a trip around here and there.

Block Puzzle Jewel Star

Block Puzzle Jewel Star is the best Block Puzzle Classic. This game is especially addictive, free to play, has no time limit, and still has a familiar 8×8 grid. Block Puzzle Jewel Star: Simple to play but hard to master. Download today and conquer the challenges with your friends.

Fight Masters

Fight it out with tough opponents in this fun fighting game. Do you have what it takes?

Helibot (Early Access)

Construction workers are trapped at the top of a building, and it is up to YOU to rescue them! Dodge your way through obstacles, collect power-ups, and have fun while flying a helicopter to the sky’s limit.

ColorMinis Classics-3D Anime Mandala Coloring Game

Enjoy coloring our Classic anime et fantasy figurines, and thanks to the latest 3D print technology, get your one-of-a-kind ColorMinis custom color 3D figurines and toys delivered to your home.

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