Top Android Games To Try Out In April 2021

Thousands of games are released on a daily basis in the Google Play store, usually, games with high marketing budgets get the attention of gamers and some cool games go under the radar, that is why we have curated this list, the games mentioned in the list are very addictive and will keep you busy for a long period of time.

Game NamePlatformPriceLink
Preschool Academy, Pedudi Montessori EducationPlayStoreFree
Illusion Lab: Project EscapePlayStoreFree
House Flipper 3D – Idle Home Design Makeover GamePlayStoreFree
Balance catPlayStoreFree
Puzzle CrusherPlayStoreFree
Blocky Racing – Traffic RacerPlayStoreFree
RED OUTPlayStoreFree
Human Anatomy 4D-Mixed Realit‪yPlayStoreFree
3K Ultimate AwakenPlayStoreFree
Pipe Run!PlayStoreFree
Lets Draw NowPlayStoreFree
MagniQuiz MoviePlayStoreFree
A very serious gamePlayStoreFree
Word Search Puzzles – ThunderWordsPlayStoreFree
Randy And Teddy Pinball 3DPlayStoreFree
Cirqits: Tricky 3D PuzzlesPlayStoreFree
Magic Crystals: 2048 3D Merge GamePlayStoreFree
Cultr ClashPlayStoreFree
Falsifiable Object – Tap & Hold GamePlayStoreFree
Classic Drag-n-Drop Crossword Fill-InsPlayStoreFree
Kily’s Metal CrushPlayStoreFree
Jungle WordsPlayStoreFree
Drip FarmerPlayStoreFree
High Score Sheep – Get the highest scorePlayStoreFree
Time BreachPlayStoreFree
Daily Current Affairs Quiz GK 2021 Hindi – QuizGoPlayStoreFree
Space LaserPlayStoreFree
Mission X: RAD Soldier Rescue and Survival ShooterPlayStoreFree



Learn Geometry with Augmented Reality (AR). With your friends and classmates you can learn and have fun with achievements and ranking. There are more than twenty 3D models on the calculation of geometric volumes. You should learn to calculate volume quickly.

Preschool Academy, Pedudi Montessori Education

Pedudi Preschool Academy is an educational child development application that approved by pedagogues and preschool teachers.

Illusion Lab: Project Escape

Try to get out from the secret lab, full of invisible dangers. Use your ultra-vision device to locate hidden objects. Fool the stupid zombies, don’t let them catch you.

House Flipper 3D – Idle Home Design Makeover Game

House Flipper 3D is the best free home design makeover crew on the market. Become an interior house designer and start your very own business. Carry out orders, renovate, decorate houses, and sell them with profit afterward.

Balance cat

Shake the phone to control the characters left and right, seemingly simple but extremely difficult game, are you ready to run?

Puzzle Crusher

Puzzle Crush Is Ultimate Fun Game, You Can Play With Family And Friends And Also With Computer.


Tap on pieces of the same color to collect them, and create super boosters. Combine these boosters to get mega effects! It’s simple, it’s fun, it’s addicting, and it’s also a puzzle game.

Blocky Racing – Traffic Racer

This is a new 3D racing game where you can drive with traffic in a colorful block world! Hit the road, show your driving skills and experience the adrenaline rush. Drive as fast as you can and avoid crashes!


RED OUT” is a psychological warfare game where you fight with 5 cards.Because it is an app, there is no psychological warfare element.

Human Anatomy 4D-Mixed Realit‪y

Irusu Human Anatomy 4D is not just another Anatomy app, but something more than that. Experience 4D Human Anatomy that comes alive in your living room, Study Room, Laboratory, and anywhere with a blink of an eye.

3K Ultimate Awaken

Explore a unique story as you navigate between the 3 mega-corporations and their struggle for dominance. Collect over 50+ heroes with varying but balanced skills, and master launching both their special and awaken abilities in real-time battles. Increase your firm’s own fame by climbing the multiple PVP ladders

Pipe Run!

Move around a labyrinth fixing pipes as you go before the pressure builds up too much and the valves burst.

Lets Draw Now

Let’s Draw Now is a new puzzle game. Let your imagination expand. Clarify, doodle or draw. The choice is up to you to find the solution.

MagniQuiz Movie

Tons of questions about cinema. Try to guess as many films as possible from their year of release, their genre, their actresses & actors, their director, their slogan, their overview, … and much more to come !

A very serious game

Choose one of the serious characters (in this version it is still available 1) and try to cheer them up and yourself. And don’t forget – this is a very serious game!

Word Search Puzzles – ThunderWords

A fun new wordsearch app to help increase your vocabulary and a challenging brain game. ThunderWords is a new exciting, addictive and fun way to play word search puzzles.

Randy And Teddy Pinball 3D

Experience easy-to-play one tap controls as you try to get a highscore in this endless fun arcade pinball game with the cutest dog in the world – Teddy! Have fun playing pinball with realistic ball physics and stunning graphics with lots of unexpected twists with your owner Randy through your adventure.

Cirqits: Tricky 3D Puzzles

Puzzles come in many different 3D shapes, each with their own challenges. They are randomly generated by a proprietary algorithm, so there’s an infinite number of challenges for you. The game adapts to your skill so it is always at just the right level!

Magic Crystals: 2048 3D Merge Game

A whole new take on the famous brainteaser game! Now in 3D with eye catching/beautiful crystals and physics! The crystals fall realistically and bounce off each other.

Cultr Clash

A simple fun game, no ads, no account required. You recruit members, invest in your cult and become all mighty and rich. Goal of the game is to make the world more robust towards manipulation and power games. This game teaches you the mechanics so you can recognize them in real life.

Falsifiable Object – Tap & Hold Game

Tap & Hold the screen for smooth horizontal movement. When the movement continues, you have to release it and pause the movement when the right time comes. Collide the flying wand with the top corner of the object by moving horizontally.

Classic Drag-n-Drop Crossword Fill-Ins

Classic full-grid crossword fill-in puzzles just like the daily printable ones we’ve been providing at for more than 20 years. This meticulously designed app provides an excellent drag-n-drop interface along with thousands of all-word newspaper quality puzzles.

Kily’s Metal Crush

Switch and match Musical Instruments in this Musical puzzle adventure to progress to the next level for that Rocking winning feeling! Solve puzzles with quick thinking and smart moves, and be rewarded with combos and many fun ways to advance!

Jungle Words

This game helps users to learn and practice English by challenging them to find out possible words from provided letters.

Drip Farmer

Water your fields, drip the farm and harvest and earn money! Discover new villages with amazing landscapes and incredible fields.

High Score Sheep – Get the highest score

High Score Sheep is a video game about a sheep that walks through various meadows eating food from the ground to earn points and getting power-ups. In some levels the sheep will have to escape from the wolves that are lurking on the road and dodge the objects that are not food and they harm it when they eat them.

Time Breach

Time Breach is a 2D Puzzle-Platformer that explores time-travel. Marty receives a device from a scientist, with the mission to flow through time in order to hide it somewhere safe.

Daily Current Affairs Quiz GK 2021 Hindi – QuizGo

“QuizGo 2020-2021” app provides you with daily current affairs updates in Hindi and English in the form of quiz. Static GK quiz also included in the app. Quiz with beautiful user interface design, smaller app size. This is the genuine quiz app, Be aware of the fake one.

Space Laser

Mine the rings of Saturn, in this retro arcade game with a strategic twist. Pilot your old space tug through the rings of Saturn. Use your laser beam to push the rocks into each other to make more and more valuable jewels. Grab the jewels with your grabber beam.

Mission X: RAD Soldier Rescue and Survival Shooter

Rescue and Survival. Mission X: RAD Soldiers. Move and Shooting. Classic Contra Game Mobile. Terrorists have taken over the Town. They take a lot of civilians hostage, confine them on secret bases, they force them hostage to carry out missions against humanity.

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