Top Anime Characters With Armour

There are so many cool anime characters with armor, it’s hard to narrow down the list. This is your one-stop for the coolest anime characters with the armor of all time!


Naruto Uzumaki is a young anime character who is 145.3 cm–147.5 cm tall in the part 1 and he weighs 40.1 kg–40.6 kg. Naruto Uzumaki is a Hokage and Chūnin Exams Proctor by occupation. He has affiliations with Konohagakure, Mount Myōboku, and Allied Shinobi Forces. He was a student of Iruka Umino in the Academy. Naruto Uzumaki made his anime debut in Naruto Episode #1.


Escanor is a 40 years old anime character. He has a mustache, orange hair, fair skin, and a tattoo. His western zodiac sign is cancer zodiac and he has AB blood type. The supernatural abilities of Escanor include magic, and fire magic. He uses an axe to counter his foes.

Goblin Slayer

A young warrior named Goblin Slayer has a lot of cool weapons and armor. He is a young adult male with gray hair and brown eyes. He uses a bow, club, knife, dagger, and spear to attack the opponents. Goblin Slayer wears shoulder guards, greaves, a belt, and a helmet.


Askeladd is a middle-aged man who has a multilingual abilities. He mostly wears helmet armor. He has cyan eyes, a beard, a mustache, and short yellow hair. Askeladd is brave and manipulative. He plays the role of a parricide, pirate, mercenary, and captain of mercenaries in the series. He has got a sword as his weapon.


A man who calls himself Guts was born in Midland. He is a mercenary, who has faced many battles and warred with himself in his own mind. 

His sword is the only thing that he trusts and he uses it to slash his enemies. He’s looking for a woman named Casca, but the search is difficult. The Black Swordsman is the hero of this story. He used to be in a group called the Band of the Falcon, but now he wanders around on his own. He’s a tall, muscular guy with long black hair, and he’s missing an eye.


Saber is a servant of the Emiya family, she is a servant summoned by Emiya Kiritsugu. She is a female warrior, who wears shining armor with an old-styled dress. Saber is 154cm tall and weighs about 42kg. She appears in the anime, Fate/Zero Fate/Stay Night Fate/Stay Night: Unlimited Blade Works.

Ryoutarou Tsuboi

Ryoutarou Tsuboi is a high school student. He is very skilled in video games, but he wants to escape SAO (the game he’s trapped in). Ryoutarou is friends with a few people including Kazuto Kirigaya (Kirito), Asuna Yuuki, and Andrew Gilbert Mills (Agil). He is also enemies with Eiji Nochizawa. He fights using his swordsmanship and his ability to fly.

Reiner Braun 

Reiner Braun is a 17-year-old male who has short yellow hair and is around 185 cm tall. He weighs about 95 kg and has the Zodiac sign of Leo. He looks like a boy with short hair. His disability is a mental disorder. His personality is emotionally unstable, honest, kind, loyal, and passionate.

Naofumi Iwatani

Naofumi Iwatani is a twenty-year-old male who is a poison user and has the ability to lock picking. He is also by far the most handsome man you have ever seen. His eyes are green and his hair is black, short, and stylish. He is a brave, cautious, kind, rude, sarcastic, and stubborn person. He wears a cloak and his main weapon is a shield.


Naotsugu is a 25-year-old male anime character, his height is 183 cm, and he has grey eyes and short grey hair. His personality is perverted. He is a magic user and uses a sword and shield in battle. Naotsugu is an overeater.

Shalltear Bloodfallen

Shalltear Bloodfallen is a vampire character, she is 140 cm tall, and she can fly, hypnotize people, and smell really well. She wears armor, a syringe, and an umbrella. She has fangs, wings, red eyes, feline pupils, long pink hair, and pale skin. Shalltear Bloodfallen is also very arrogant and loyal. Her supernatural abilities include eternal youth, extreme durability, extreme speed, magic, blood magic, dark magic, fire magic, light magic, regeneration, and shadow manipulation.


The high king of the seven seas, Sinbad is a brilliant man who became a first-class singularity world innovator when he was 17 years old. His legendary exploits are told in countless stories around the world. He is also known as Sin. Sinbad is the CEO of Sindria Trading Company. He is also the head of the International Alliance and a Guardian of the Sacred Palace. Sinbad was introduced in chapter 4 of Magi and appeared in episode 7 of the anime.

Alphonse Elric

Alphonse Elric is a 14-year-old boy and the protagonist of the anime. He is a kind, naive, and a hard-working boy who lives with trauma. Alphonse Elric is an altruistic, brave, cat lover, hard-working, honest, introvert, kind, naive, polite, and  thoughtful individual.


Vegeta debuted in the manga series “The Needs of the Many” and made his anime debut in “Full Appearance in ‘Gohan’s Rage'” movie. He was also introduced in Dragon Ball Z: Bardock – The Father of Goku as a Saiyan Tuffle. His height is 5’4″, he weighs 123 lbs, and was born at Age 732. Vegeta is a high-class warrior who is currently a Galactic Patrolman. Vegeta is the protagonist of the anime series “Dragon Ball Z.” He is a member of Team Universe 7 and is loyal to his father, King Vegeta. Vegeta has counterparts in future timelines, including Xeno Vegeta and Duplicate Vegeta. This Pybara Beerus and Beerus are his mentors.


Darkness was born on April 6th, and she is 18 years old. She plays the role of an aristocrat, and knight. Her eyes are blue and she has long yellow hair that is tied in a ponytail. Her personality is that she has a masochistic side and she is perverted. The weapon of Darkness is a sword.

Uchiha Madara

Madara Uchiha is a man who was born on December 24. His zodiac sign is capricorn. He uses ninjutsu to defeat his enemies. Madara Uchiha wears gloves and has purple and red eyes, and black hair. He was known for his extreme vision, speed, and brainwashing abilities. 

Erza Scarlett

Erza Scarlet is a young woman, she was born on a certain day in the year 765. Her hair is Scarlet, and her eyes are brown. She’s an S-class Fairy Tail mage. Her guild mark is on her left arm. She’s also a member of Team Natsu. Shortly after joining Fairy Tail, she was recruited into its top guild team, Team Fairy Tail A. Erza is a powerful mage who uses Requip magic to summon weapons and armor for battle. Erza Scarlet made her anime debut in Episode 4.

Ira Gamagori

Ira Gamagori is a human male from the town of Nudist Beach, he is 20 years old. He is the former chair of the Student Council Disciplinary Committee as well as a member of the Elite Four Nudist Beach. Ira Gamagori made his anime debut in Episode 1 while his manga debut was in Chapter 1.


Krusty is a bishounen with a bloodthirsty personality. He’s skilled at martial arts and swordsmanship, making him a powerful warrior. He’s also skilled in the kitchen. Krusty’s main weapon is an axe, but he also carries around a sword.


Bulat is a young anime character in his mid-20s. He is a very tall person, being six foot three. He has blue eyes and black hair. His blood type is O. His real name is unknown, but people call him “Bulat.” He is a member of Night Raid. His Teigu is Incursio, which allows him to transform into a huge monster.

Tenya Iida

Tenya Iida is a student at U.A. High School, Tenya is a hero known as Turbo Hero: Ingenium who has a Quirk that allows him to use his body like an engine. His older brother, Tensei, is also a hero, and Tenya looks up to him. He is currently 16 years old and 179cm (around 5’10½”) tall, and he fights with melee combat. His birthday is December 14 and his blood type is A.

Charlotte Roselei

Charlotte is a 27-year-old aristocrat. She’s a misandrist, and a tsundere individual. Her height is 171 cm and her western zodiac sign is virgo. She has blue eyes and yellow hair in braids. She has armour, which she wears because she’s an aristocrat.


Bishamon is a 1000+ year old god anime girl. She is the goddess of fortune and war. She is 174cm tall and her hair color is blonde in anime. The English voice actress of Bishamon is Elizabeth Maxwell.


Estarossa is a demon born on January 6. He is 380 years old, he’s tall and weighs 95kg. His Western Zodiac sign is Capricorn and has the ability to fly. He has white hair and a beard, goatee, and stubble. Estarossa can use magic and dark magic.


Masrur is a tall, strong man and he’s in his mid-twenties and has two wives. He is 195 cm (6’5″) tall and weighs about 105 kg (231 lbs). His oldest daughter’s name is Sadi. He has a close friendship with Sinbad, Ja’far, Morgiana, and Sharrkan. Masrur is the most skilled warrior of the Fanalis Corps. Masrur made his anime debut in Episode 7.


Beldia is a soldier of the Demon King. He’s an actual knight, but he’s become an undead. He’s under the Demon King’s control, but he seems to have some autonomy. He was a famous knight who fought in the last war.

Sanageyama Uzu

Sanageyama is a high school student who has mastered the art of kendo. He’s popular at school, and he even holds a position of power as the president of the student council. He’s extremely fast and skilled in martial arts. He often wears a blindfold.

Rak Wraithraiser

Rak Wraithraiser, born on July 7th, is a Wraithraiser and male. He has red eyes and ranks as a Regular C-Rank member of the team. Rak is in charge of carrying spears. The 52nd Floor is where this character first appears in Chapter 6 of Volume 1, and they last appear in Episode 13 of Volume 3.  

Feitan Pohtoh

Feitan Pohtoh is a Phantom Troupe member, he is 155 centimeters tall and weighs 45 kilograms. His eyes are gray and his hair is black. He is a thief. The Japanese Voice of Feitan Pohtoh is Akari Hibino and the English Voice actor is Meredith Taylor Parry in 1999. His birthday and bloodtype in unknown. 

Maesaka Ryuuji

Ryuuji Maesaka is a male anime character and his age is 26. His hair color is blonde. He has a sigil, but you don’t know if it’s true or a lie. His weapon of choice is a light machine gun and handgun. His rank is B2 (during the Shibuya Hunting Game) and he is affiliated with Sunset Ravens. Previous affiliation was in an unnamed clan.

Issei Hyoudou

Hyoudou Issei is a devil, and his nickname is the Red Dragon Emperor and “Oppai Dragon.” Issei Hyoudou has a lot of cool stuff. He’s engaged to Rias Gremory and Asia Argento. He’s a second-year student of Kuoh Academy, in the Occult Research Club.

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