Top Anime Girls With Black Hair

In this guide, we have listed the best 22 anime girls with black hair. It will let you know about their appearance, also different characteristics and abilities. Mikasa is the best anime girl who plays the role of a soldier. There are many other leading girls in the list like Homura, Yukino, Nico and more. You will come to know what kind of role they play in the series or what their occupation is.

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    Mikasa Ackerman

    Mikasa Ackerman is a teenage girl, her age is 15. She is a soldier by occupation and considered to be the best soldier. Ackerman has a Shaggy black hair and grey eyes.

    • Mikasa mostly wears original survey corps uniform and carries a gun with her.
    • She has strong feelings for her loved ones especially when they are in difficult situations.
    • Mikasa is one of the tallest girls in the game. She is a mature girl having a strong sense of right and wrong.
    • Some criminals brutally murdered her parents before her eyes. And she really got saddened and disturbed after this.

    Homura Akemi

    Homura Akemi is one of the most popular characters in the series. She is a teenage girl aged between 13 to 14 years. Her eyes are purple and hairs is black. The surname of Homura is Akemi, which means “Bright”.

    • Homura mostly wears red glasses with two interlaces of braided hair. She wears a white, long-sleeved coat in her magical form and wears a black coat in her demon form.
    • She is very intelligent and athletic in nature. She always shows a cold attitude towards others.
    • Homura is a really shy girl who is known for her low confidence.
    • She uses her shield to turn the time back and she has the ability to craft her own bombs.

    Yukino Yukinoshita

    Yukino Yukinoshita is a teenage girl aged between 16 to 17 years. The color of her eyes is blue and hairs is black. Yukino is a student of class 2J. Her nickname is Ice Ocean.

    • Yukino is a slim fit girl with average height. She mostly wears her school uniform and has two red ribbons with her hairs falling on each shoulder.
    • She is a really blunt and confident girl, often pointing out the flaws in others’ personalities.
    • Yukino always tries to prove herself strong and best in any kind of competition.
    • She is very good at sports and has great athletic abilities, she has won some judo matches. Yukino also possesses great cooking abilities.
    • Shizuka, the adviser of the service club shares a bond with Yukino and both of them really care about each other.

    Nico Robin

    Nico Robin is a female character aged 28 years. She has black hair, dark eyes and she is one of the tallest ladies.

    • She mostly wears dark colored clothes and high heels.
    • Nico’s best ability is to read the Poneglyphs that really makes her a utility character.
    • Robin is an archaeologist by occupation. She has got a great knowledge of history. The study of history and culture is her passion.
    • She possesses great physical abilities as well. She packs kicks and punches on the enemies.
    • With the Devil fruit, she can make a duplicate of any of her body’s parts.

    Kurumi Tokisaki

    Kurumi Tokisaki is a teenage girl, aged between 17 to 18 years. She is the most dangerous spirit with more than 10,000 kills. The color of her eyes is red and the hairs are black. Kurumi is a student by occupation.

    • She really looks beautiful having long and black hairs which are tied in long twin tails.
    • Kurumi has a unique relationship with her clones and has the ability to summon shadow clones of herself that makes Kurumi a complex character.
    • She has a caring bond with Shido. They keep an eye on any kind of danger and it really turns out to be beneficial for them.

    Rin Tousaka

    Rin Tousaka is a heroine who takes the legacy of her father after his death, she is the future head of the family. Rin is a serious and very committed kind of a girl. She has aqua eyes and brown hair.

    • Rin mostly wears the standard uniform during her school.
    • She adopted sorcery as her interest as per the instructions given by her father. She has the ability to store Prana in jewels.
    • She can use the jewels to release A-rank great magic. Gandr concentrates the Prana into Rin’s forefinger.
    • The Chinese kenpo helps her against Caster during UBW.

    Ryuko Matoi

    Ryuuko Matoi is a teenage girl aged 17 years. She comes with dark blue tinted hairs and blue eyes. Ryuuko is a high school student by occupation.

    • She is a calm, polite character and sometimes stubborn as well.
    • Her father is being killed by someone and she really wants to find her father’s killer. Ryuuko becomes really aggressive and sadistic after the death of her father. She wants to destroy everything around.
    • She will become stronger as you progress through the series and her skills will improve drastically.
    • Scissor Blade is the primary weapon of Ryuuko. It can provide massive amounts of damage to her foes.
    • Ryuuko has a great relationship with Senketsu. She is always very concerned about Senketsu.

    Mai Sakurajima

    Mai Sakurajima is a young girl who is between 17 to 18 years old. The meaning of Mai is “flax, linen”. She is a beautiful and tall woman. Mai has bluish purple eyes and long black hair.

    • She is seen in school uniform for quite some time and mostly wears black tights and black high heels.
    • Mai is a very serious and focused kind of girl.
    • She is quite intelligent and has a lot of knowledge. This is the reason she is one of the brilliant students in the school.
    • Sakuta is a friend of Mai. She loves teasing him and can even sacrifice her life when Sakuta is in danger. That shows she’s a really kind hearted individual.

    Mio Akiyama

    Mio Akiyama is a teenage girl aged between 15 to 18 years. She is a main character of the K-ON! series. The color of her eyes are grey and the hairs are black.

    • She is quite reserved and wants to stay alone for most of the time. Mio is very soft spoken with evey one.
    • Mio is a writer and musician by occupation. She uses her left hand to play guitar.
    • As a music composer, she plays an important role in the band by composing new rhythms. She is really committed to the club and showcases her full devotion.
    • Mio has got a wonderful voice. Her voice really fits well for every song she sings.

    Makoto Kowata

    Makoto Kowata is a teenage girl and her age is 19. Makoto is a Japanese name that means “real, authentic”.

    • She carries a brown bag when she walks or goes to the shops. She loves the blue and peach colors. And she often changes her clothes. Makoto has got beautiful black hair and big green eyes.

    Sakie Sato

    Sakie is a young and attractive woman with black hair up to her shoulders. Sakie is a name that means “already now, early”. Her age is 24, and she is a mathematics teacher by occupation.

    • As a teacher, she puts the well-being of her students first. A red tracksuit with glasses is her most favourite outfit. Sakie has long bangs that are swept to her right side and purple eyes.
    • Sakie is a succubus, and her body makes an aphrodisiac hormone. When her glasses are off, and her hair is down, Sakie has increased sex appeal. She also seems to avoid contact because her glasses obscure her face.
    • She highly admires Tetsuo Takahashi for his self-control despite the apparent effect of her aphrodisiac, to which most males, even her students, succumb.

    Rika Sonezaki

    Rika Sonezaki is a female character and she is a student by occupation. Rika is a name that means “fragrance or fragrant”.

    • The color of her hair is dark brown and the eye color is grey.
    • The president of the Literature Club. is mad at herself for being interested in the opposite sex.

    Akira Tachibana

    Akira Tachibana is a teenage female character and her age is 17. The surname of Akira is Tachibana, which means “orange”. She is a student and waiter by occupation.

    • Akira is a quiet and reserved character but she knows what is right or wrong for her. She makes blunt and honest remarks about everything.
    • Akira loves sports, she is a really good runner and athlete. But Akira got injured in a race that forced her to quit the sports and she started a part-time job as a Garden waitress.
    • She becomes friends with Yui Nishida during the job. Akira can also be very fierce, which causes her friends to be confused about how to respond.

    Lisa Lisa

    Lisa Lisa is a tall, fit and beautiful female character. The color of her eyes is blue and her hair is dark brown. She mostly wears short skirts, black, earrings and sometimes glasses as well.

    • Lisa Lisa is a super confident lady and she can deal with any kind of challenge.
    • She is a Ripple master trained by Straizo. Her Ripple has three times the power of Joseph’s during the events of the Chariot Arc.
    • She uses the scarf’s sensitivity to predict the direction of incoming attacks and sense the life signs.
    • She created a new life, married again and moved to the United States after her fight against the Pillar Men threat.
    • Lisa Lisa is the one who defeats Wired Beck.

    Kanade Suzutsuki

    Kanade Suzutsuki is a young girl aged just 16. Kanade is basically a Japanese name that means “play music, complete”.

    • Kanade is a high school student by occupation and she is the daughter of the principal of the high school.
    • She really loves teasing Kinjiro Sakamachi and uses the gynophobia of Kinjiro as a way to make him suffer.
    • Kanade confesses that Kinjiro is the only man she loves. She even kisses Kinjiro for the first time as this is the best way to share your feelings of love.
    • She also likes to tease Usami Masamune by calling her a rabbit.

    Anri Sonohara

    Anri Sonohara is a teenage girl with a small body and bobbed black hair. Her age is 15 at the start of the game. She was once a student and became a shop owner now. Anri mostly wears a black hooded gown over a pink shirt and red sneakers.

    • She is a really submissive person at the start, and doesn’t speak much even when someone wants to.
    • Anri is really carrings towards the person she loves and really showcases her affections and intentions to them.
    • The parents of Anri owned an antique shop named Sonohara Hall. After the death of her father, she has to run this shop now.
    • Anri really got saddened by the death of her father. Her interactions with Mikado, Masaomi and others begin to draw her out of her emotional shell and make her more expressive.

    Mako Reizei

    Mako Reizei is a young girl and a second year student. She has long black hair that falls up to her waist and dark brown eyes.

    • She has hypotension which Mako often uses as an excuse for being late to school or falling asleep during the class.
    • Even though she gets late in the class and falls asleep, she is still the best student of the class.
    • Mako mostly wears the school uniform during the game.
    • She is very sleepy, lazy and moody. Sometimes, she really becomes expressionless and doesn’t respond to anything going around her.
    • Mako drives Miho Nishizumi’s tank during the mock-up match against other tank teams from school’s Sensha-Do.


    Seraphim is a female character having green colored eyes and long black hairs. The favourite outfit of Seraphim is sleeveless blouses and thin shoulder straps.

    • Seraphim is a ninja girl and she is extremely honorable, and committed to her status.
    • Seraphim’s favourite hobby is to play the violin and she is really passionate about learning how to cook.
    • Seraphim shows real concern for Ayumu and offers to fight alongside him against Kyoko and King of the Night. She falls in love with Ayumu.
    • She enjoys hanging out with Ayumu and other housemates as well.

    Touko Nanami

    Touko Nanami is a young girl, her height is 5 feet and 4 inches. She was a student council president and now a college student. The name Touko means “light”.

    • Touko is a real confident, determined girl who is really committed to her goals. She hides her weaknesses from all the people around.
    • Touko has long black hair and grey eyes. She has bangs that hang on the right side of her.
    • She was a brilliant student at the school and the center of attention. The friendly and confident personality of Touko earned her the respect of teachers. She followed her sister and joined the students council as her sister did several years back.

    Yuiko Kurugaya

    Yuiko Kurugaya is a female character and the tallest one of her group. She is a student by occupation. The surname of Yuiko is Kurugaya, which means “coming”.

    • The color of the eyes of Yuiko is between blue and purple. She has long black hair with a yellow ribbon on the left side.
    • She is considered the most resilient member of the Little Busters. She is one of the most rapid girls in the game.
    • Yuiko is known as the older sister of all the other characters in the game. She is really caring and self-sufficient.
    • Yuiko is a character who defeats Masato and Kengo Miyazawa.
    • She doesn’t like to be called Yuiko and prefers to be called Anego, Kurugaya or Anego.

    Rem Galleu

    Rem Galleu is a teenage girl whose age is just 14. The color of her eyes is green, the hairs are short and black. She is basically a Pantherian girl.

    • Rem is a slim and fit woman having a black colored tail. She wears a vest that is attached to a jacket and hung from a leather belt.
    • She is one of the most epic Pantherian girls who has strong offensive abilities and super-fast speed.
    • She performs a summoning ritual with Shera L.Greenwood in order to summon a Demon Lord.
    • The Layer Of Secret Stone is a full-body armor that helps to avoid the attacks of enemies and also increases her speed.
    • The Wild Animal’s Ring provides the strength to summon and it increases MP consumption to 30%.

    Tenma Tsukamoto

    Tenma Tsukamoto is a female character from the class 2-C. She is a teenage girl, aged between 16 to 17 years. The color of eyes and hair of Tenma is dark blue.

    • She is short in size and a little immature girl. Her pigtails fall down with its tail when she is unhappy or tired. But Tenma really wants to act like a woman.
    • Tenma thinks that she lacks good qualities because she only sees the negative ones in her.
    • She usually puts her positive thoughts to get close to Ooji Karasuma. She chases him every day.
    • Tenma is not good at sports, academies, cooking but she has shown some martial arts abilities.
    • She became a serious rival of Mikoto when they were in school.
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