Top Minecraft Clones

In this guide, you will find the top 10 Minecraft Clones. It will provide you with similarities and differences between them. 

Table of Contents

    Cube World

    This game was released in 2013, and its gameplay is very different from Minecraft. The game is focused on RPG elements as compared to Minecraft buildings. The graphics and concept of the gamer are similar to Minecraft, as shown in the image below.

    Cube Life Island Survival

    This game was released in 2015, and its structure is the same as Minecraft. The items and the recipe to craft them are similar to Minecraft. There are more than two hundred items and tools in this game; the design of the items are clones of Minecraft. In this game, you will be trapped on an island without any resources, and you have to survive on the island with limited resources.

    Minebuild Worldcraft Survival

    It was launched in 2015, and it is the same as Minecraft. The skins and settings are the same as in Minecraft, and this game’s concept is similar to Minecraft. The textures of this game are different from Minecraft because the animation and smoothness of the game are not as good.


    This game was released in 2013; the textures, interior, and gameplay are similar to Minecraft. Every item is inspired by Minecraft, and the combat system is also similar to Minecraft. 

    Pocketcraft Survival 

    This game was released in 2014; the FPP mode in this game is similar to Minecraft. The textures, esthetics, and all of the items in this game are identical to Minecraft; the health bar and hunger bar are also the same as Minecraft. This game’s concept is also the same, so you have to explore the world, do mining, and survive at night when zombies spawn. 


    The shaders and graphics are much more beautiful than in any other game; this game is too detailed and attractive, like you can find shadows in the game. So you don’t have to download any shader or shadow pack for this game, and you can also find multiplayer support. There will be different types of mechanics as well in the game. This game only supports the java edition, not the pocket edition. 

    True Craft 

    True craft is the most similar game to Minecraft, and it is also known as Minecraft implementation because this game supports Minecraft’s official servers.

    Mine test 

    This game is an alternative to Minecraft, so if you cannot play Minecraft, you can also play this game. Mine test is an infinite world block game, and it also supports multiplayer. In this game, you will find various types of concepts and tarients where you can explore as much as you can and play this game on your mobile phones.


    The Craft game is another open-source Minecraft-style game. You will find various multiplayer servers. This game is much better than Minecraft because of its realistic features and graphics.


    This game is an android game where you can build, destroy the blocks, and equip weapons. You will find more than a hundred blocks and can access various items.

    Everything is copied from Minecraft, so the characters look the same as in Minecraft. It is the top clone of Minecraft, as shown in the image below. 

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