More than one thousand Steam games are released on a monthly basis. It’s almost impossible to try out all of them, usually gamers try out the famous games and neglect the other ones, every month there are some hidden gems at Steam that don’t get the attention that they deserve, that is why we have curated this list, these games will keep you busy for the whole year.

Game NamePlatformLinks
A-Star TheftSteam
Lockdown VR: KidnappedSteam
The Final Stand: BreakoutSteam
Boogie BotSteam
Roast PartySteam
The Last FarmSteam
Discrepant: Sue’s StorySteam
Bricks FrenzySteam
Android Hunter ASteam
Cellyon: Boss ConfrontationSteam
School of Magic PrologueSteam
Six PathsSteam
Smelted KinSteam
Jack Hayes: The Lazarus SignSteam
Enlightened SentinelSteam
Lords & VilleinsSteam
Revival of LoveSteam
Sol 705Steam
Boomerang FuSteam
Prisoner 518Steam
Verdant VillageSteam
Skull Head WorldSteam
Knight Bewitched 2Steam
Endurance – space actionSteam

A-Star Theft

A-Star Theft allows the player to execute heists with a wide variety of methods. Sneak or shoot your way to the loot using specialized equipment tailored to each strategy. Play as Logan Huntborn, and fight to keep your crew safe and free after getting offered a deal.

Lockdown VR: Kidnapped

Backpacking was all fun and enjoyable, until you and your friends hitchhiked a ride to your next destination. Will this be your final destination? Alone or with up to 6 players, explore, gather clues, and escape before its too late!


You play as a superhero with the power to guide the wind. Venture out into a mysterious world full of puzzles, chat with strangers, travel to many locations, and uncover secrets and surprises. Each location is uniquely themed and offers fresh ideas. Please, just don’t step on the flowers.


DOOR is a 3D platformer game based on the world of the mind and emotions.

The Final Stand: Breakout

The Final Stand:Breakout is a multiplayer wave based survival game. Call of Duty: Zombies fans have stated “The Final Stand:Breakout feels like a spiritual successor to the older Cod Zombies gamemodes.

Boogie Bot

Boogie Bot is a fast and challenging survival platformer about getting in the zone and finding your groove. Your battery is always draining. Stop thinking and let instinct take over. Only then can you safely evacuate the boogie bots before the No Good Music Haters blow planet Boogula-5 to bits.

Roast Party

Roast Party is an online party game that you can play with your friends! The goal of Roast Party is to write creative roasts on the pictures submitted by other players based on the prompts given. After roasts are submitted players will then vote on their favorite roasts anonymously!

The Last Farm

The town of Riverside has suffered a disaster and is on the verge of starvation. They need your help to restore their farm and grow food in a harsh and unforgiving land. Customise your crops, build vast automated systems and endure toxic blightstorms, and rebuild The Last Farm.

Discrepant: Sue’s Story

Sue’s Story is a short paraquel to the psychological sci-fi adventure game Discrepant. It is a full standalone game not requiring Discrepant to play. It fills in an important story line to the original game but is set completely in space, and follows in the spirit and tradition of classic space sci-fi horror games. It is free to play as a playful side quest to the original story in the spirit of space horrors like Alien: Isolation and Dead Space.

Bricks Frenzy

Bricks Frenzy is an arcade brick game developed to be both competitive and fun at the same time. Do your best with all the power ups available and gain mastery over them to defeat your opponents.

Android Hunter A

Android Hunter A is a next generation sidescroller shooter taking classic action platforming to the next level. Cinematic tension, fast blasting action, a vibrant diversity of environments and an in-depth customization system are just a few of the awesome features Android Hunter A has to offer!

Cellyon: Boss Confrontation

Cellyon: Boss Confrontation is a challenging cooperative game focused on boss fighting. Rediscover MMORPG instances with no open world, farming, or leveling.

School of Magic Prologue

School of Magic is a Hack and Slay Roguelike game with a deckbuilding leveling system. Combine spells, face reckless creatures and make wise choices on the way to passing the entrance exam of the School of Magic.

Six Paths

Learn a 4-step human algorithm for the six circular paths of 1) Being Friendly, 2) Being Grounded, 3) Being Balanced, 4) Being Nourished, 5) Being Understanding, 6) Being Flowing.

Smelted Kin

A long journey awaits you through the large locations of the planetary station. Each level contains a unique design, unusual mechanical creatures and secret areas. You have to find out why the entire research complex fell into decay and find a way to get out of it. Battles with robots will be an indispensable attribute of the entire game, and the passage of many areas will require finding the optimal tactics

Jack Hayes: The Lazarus Sign

A very special challenge: people. Deal with the darkest parts of our modern day society in a story with elements of a film noir. Don’t let the humorous dialogue or the seducing smile of a stranger fool you – your choices decide the fate of Jack Hayes, his partner and every other person!


A single-player arcade shooter where your bullets ricochet against enemies and walls. It’s a bullet hell game too, if you shoot enough.

Enlightened Sentinel

Enlightened Sentinel – spectacular battles and a memorable storyline. From shady forests to the royal castle – the hero has a difficult path ahead. Sword and magic will help the Enlightened one to walk through a deeply thought out colorful world.


Bulldozer is an action game where the player controls a bulldozer and needs to push off all the barrels of the platform except the bulldozer to win the game.

Lords & Villeins

Build and grow your settlement in a city-building simulation of medieval society. Manage peasant and noble families, expand your production chain and influence the daily lives of your villagers while exploring what it means to be a true lord.

Revival of Love

Revival of Love is a nonviolent, musical, low poly, open world, action-adventure game about young saxophonist, Adolphine, who sets off on a journey to heal an island which has sunken in darkness.

Sol 705

A hilarious point and click graphic adventure in the best spirit of the ’90s where you play as a young man and his friends in a personal quest that will turn their passion for progressive rock and UFOs into a real intergalactic mess… If they manage to survive school!

Boomerang Fu

Slice and dice your friends with boomerangs in this frantic physics party game. Join a crew of your favorite foods as you grill, chill and spill your enemies. Discover ridiculous power-ups and stack them together in deadly combinations.

Prisoner 518

It’s 2049, deep space, on a corporate-run prison. An explosion within not only sets you free, but it also sets rolling a series of events that changes everything.

Verdant Village

You’ve washed ashore in a foreign land. With nothing to your name other than a few tools you’ll have to learn how to live off the land. Explore, grow crops, and meet the locals. How you live is up to you. Can you create a new life for yourself in the small town of Amberglen?


DEDstress is a bizarre, high-intensity thriller. Assisted by voices in your head – run, hide and bribe your way out of a strange South African mental hospital, where the staff need more help than the patients.

Skull Head World

defend skullheadworld. shoot skulls at invading skulls. collect skulls to protect your skull. flush skulls to upgrade. part single-stick bullet-hell shooter, part top-down physics brawler. super addictive arcade fun.

Knight Bewitched 2

Knight Bewitched 2 is a jRPG featuring the story of a group of heroes and mercenaries as they work together to restore a lost kingdom and face a new threat in the world of Ambrose.

Endurance – space action

Endurance is an extremely exciting story-driven adventure shooter and a prequel of Ailment, one of the most downloaded pixel art mobile action games in the last year

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