Top Steam Games to Tryout in April 2023

Steam is the best platform to play PC games. It releases a huge number of games every month covering all the genres like puzzles, sports, adventure, and more. We have listed down the best ones released in April 2022. You can pick your favorite one and have a go.

Game NamePlatformLink
Citrus RampageSteam
Blind wizard’s assistantSteam
BangBang PewPewSteam
Absolute Tennis ManagerSteam
Arkheim – Realms at WarSteam
Dinosaur Fossil HunterSteam
How to Fool a Liar King RemasteredSteam
Kaiju WarsSteam
Lead the Way – Full CollectionSteam
Magnet CrusherSteam
Metal MindSteam
Hidden BeastSteam
Little Inner Monsters – Card GameSteam
No Cat Fights HereSteam
Lucky Tlhalerwa – Zombie RampageSteam
Open ModSteam
Planet Cube: EdgeSteam
NARGUL – Humans are among usSteam
Pollito & Xiang Xiang: Adventure in the ForestSteam
MACE: Mapinguari’s TempleSteam
Good Morning, A.I.Steam
Drifter’s TalesSteam
Paper Bride 2 Zangling VillageSteam
Lonely KnightSteam
Death Drive: A Deck-Building Open World Survival RPGSteam


Fractured is a side-scroll action game focused on boss battles. As the hero, you take on different boss fights from underground monsters to fighting dragons. Learn from each fight to gain to skill necessary to take down epic monsters.

Citrus Rampage

Call up your buddies and enjoy the acidic chaos of Citrus Rampage, a physics-based multiplayer shooter with silly guns and destructible environments. Play with up to 4 players in local multiplayer or online using Steam Remote Play Together.

Blind wizard’s assistant

Blind wizards assistant is an unique turn based RPG where you play as an assistant to mighty but blind wizard. Collect elements, find recipes, craft potions to heal and eliminate monsters.

BangBang PewPew

Finally, modern lightguns have become available for the PC that bring back the classic feeling of aiming down the sights. It’s time for the games to catch up! 25 lightgun challenges. Hot-seat multiplayer. Online challenges and leaderboards. Customizable targets.

Absolute Tennis Manager

The most complete Tennis management game!

Arkheim – Realms at War

Experience a new take on the competitive 4x genre with Arkheim – Realms at War: Team based strategy in a free to play MMO fantasy world, played in game rounds of 10 weeks each!

Dinosaur Fossil Hunter

Become a real paleontologist, explore various environments and search for dinosaur fossils. Dig for and study the remnants of these majestic creatures to learn about their evolution. Build your own museum and experience an immersive background story.


Enter the abandoned arcade after your car has crashed, and the shelter you were looking for is trying to eat you alive in this dark mystery-horror adventure. Solve mysteries, keep JANITOR satisfied, and always be aware of what’s behind your back. This is a game of your life.

How to Fool a Liar King Remastered

The cute fantasy visual novel, “How to Fool a Liar King” returns as a remastered version. Regina, a girl who loves cats, a bit forgetful but confident in her strength, suddenly appears inside a forest in Eroolia.

Kaiju Wars

Play out a kaiju movie as the (hopelessly) outclassed military in the stylish 2D turn-based strategy of Kaiju Wars. Construct buildings and defend your city with cannon-fodder tanks, jets, and more as the devastating kaiju grows in power with every attack.

Lead the Way – Full Collection

In this charming maze game, you play as Bob, a sweet but shy blob. While strolling through the forest with their partner, they end up losing themselves in a mysterious maze.


Desperate, outnumbered and with gun turrets as your only companion. Lumencraft is a top-down shooter with base-building elements. Drill through fully destructible environment to reach precious resources, and spend them on weapons and tools protecting the last bastion of humanity.

Magnet Crusher

Master the magnetic force to fend off waves of enemies in this fast-paced arcade game. With only two magnets and a puck, you’ll need to control your speed to destroy any incoming threats. Be quick, be precise and survive !


Outbraking is a PvPvE Co-Op Racing Game, in which you and your team can take on different missions in a vivid city to earn money and views, becoming the most viewed Outbraker!


To make some money from an old man, you are asked to fish at the forbidden Shinto shrine.

Metal Mind

We fuse transforming Mecha and Roguelite gameplay elements and combine game mechanics, such as weight, armor pieces, heat, and power for you to forge a unique weapon of war to fuel your killing spree!

Hidden Beast

Hidden Beast is a strategy game, similar to chess and an old board game called Combat. The player moves his army towards static totems that, when confronted, turn into beasts. In the clash, the stronger piece defeats the weaker one and removes it from the scene.

Little Inner Monsters – Card Game

Do you know your Little Inner Monsters? These are the different feelings we deal with on a daily basis. Play with them in this card game and bring your own little monster grove to life. Play against the computer or a friend.

No Cat Fights Here

Let’s avoid catfights on the roof? Draw a path for each cat to follow and keep them from bumping into each other along the way.

Lucky Tlhalerwa – Zombie Rampage

First-Person Linear Story-Telling Game, 7 Chapter 6 Hours Long Story, Verde Diamente Presidente Francisco Antonio Rodriguez Mobilizes La National Policia And Defense Force To Combat An Outbreak Of Zombies, Calling For The Manhunt, Arrest And Prosecution Of 3 Scientists Who Made The Outbreak.

Open Mod

A free-to-play, niche, extreme-hardcore, tactical, competitive, community-driven first person shooter with many first person experience customization aspects that aims to expand slowly and steadily.

Planet Cube: Edge

Planet Cube: Edge is a 2D Run ‘n Gun Platformer where you will shoot, jump, and dash through an Underwater Weapons Facility, brimming with enemies and perils. Guide Edge through deadly challenges, decorated in handcrafted pixel art. Precision and skill will be your cherished assets!

NARGUL – Humans are among us

Play in VR as a jovial but amnesiac alien. Explore the environment and interact freely with the people. Solve objectives, fight and cross the courses to find the ultimate truth.

Pollito & Xiang Xiang: Adventure in the Forest

Pollito & Xiang Xiang: Adventure in the Forest is a family friendly adventure with lite RPG elements game, where you can control two characters (in single player or in local and online coop-multiplayer modes)

MACE: Mapinguari’s Temple

MACE: Mapinguari’s Temple is a multiplayer, horror game with adventure and social deduction elements. Venture into a maze-like, procedurally generated dungeon filled with puzzles, avoid the terrible creature that roams it’s corridors and discover who is the deceitful cultist among you.

Good Morning, A.I.

Shape an Artificial Intelligence, see how your ideas affect future Amsterdam in over 30 endings. Protect your brainchild from quantum hacks in puzzle-tower-defense gameplay. Become Jude, manage their life and relationships and the fate of 2065’s Amsterdam in this roleplaying-rich visual novel.

Drifter’s Tales

This strategic card game invites you to live small stories in the universe of The First Spine. Choose a story and fight fearsome enemies! You may discover the secret that surrounds the Forgotten Valley.

Paper Bride 2 Zangling Village

This is the sequel to our Paper Bride series based on Chinese folklore. This story takes place in Zangling Village, where players must explore a village shrouded in occult mystery to uncover the secret origins of this haunted village.

Lonely Knight

Lonely Knight is a story that immerses you in an epic adventure in the medieval era. Avenge your wife as you battle invading forces, go on game-changing quests, and make influential choices. Fight in brutal battles where you will experience fast-paced combat, castle sieges, and more.

Death Drive: A Deck-Building Open World Survival RPG

Death Drive is a deck-building open world survival RPG set in a zombie apocalypse. Combining in-depth turn based combat of card battlers and deck building, open world exploration, skills and character abilities, loot, trading, crafting, managing your caravan and survival all together!

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