Top Steam Games to Tryout in October 2021

Steam is the best platform to play PC games. More than a thousand games are released on Steam every month, covering all genres and categories, including puzzles, arcades, action, sports, and many more. We have listed the best games released in October 2021.  You can get your hands on your favorite one.

Game NamePlatformLink
Juro JanosikSteam
Knights RisenSteam
SANNABI: The RevenantSteam
Our Hero! TwoSteam
Mosaic Hearts PrototypeSteam
Despot’s Game: Dystopian Army BuilderSteam
Corpse MansionSteam
Pain PartySteam
The RanchersSteam
War MongrelsSteam
ZpellCatz: Pumpkin PrologueSteam
Consolation: Board Meeting – Jam EditionSteam
Naked Little DudeSteam
Going the DistanceSteam
Yuko and the Akuma MenaceSteam
Cry of Athena VR Battle SimulatorSteam
EVOLUTION – Versicorae DomlionSteam
Cat CapacitySteam
The Alien CubeSteam
Tanhaji – The Lion Maratha Warrior of Ch. ShivajiSteam

Juro Janosik

Juro Janosik is an action-adventure about a Slovak legendary hero. As Juro Janosik, you will take the law into your own hands and take an adventure across the country of Slovakia. You will loot some gold from castles and give it to poor hardworking villagers.


Take on the greatest futuristic, apocalypse adventure with Abyss. Are you ready to save the world, from the invading creatures? Prove it in Abyss: The Training has Begun, by Axid Studios.

Knights Risen

Knights Risen is an upcoming MP battle arena that offers a new perspective to an already rich genre by adding a survival element. The goal is simple, escape. But with other players, radiation, and animals giving players a run for their lives, the game asks you one question: Will You Be The One?

SANNABI: The Revenant

SANNABI is an exhilarating stylish dystopian action-platformer. Play as a legendary retired veteran and use your signature prosthetic arm to jump over cliffs and skyscrapers, zip through bullets and traps, and defeat powerful enemies.

Our Hero! Two

Play in the shoes of 3 different heroes, each one with their skills and peculiarities, to pave your way through this new story of the funniest Hack and Slash in the world!


AST-Hero is a top-down space shooter, with unique graphics and sounds. Everything was custom-handmade. It offers a great player experience and is difficult to master although the game learning curve is easy.


A cyberpunk stealth-action RPG set in a decadent and sick megalopolis, where the only way to feel good is a drug called Affectus. With no memory, you must unravel the mysteries of your past. Acquire implants, infiltrate, hack, or fight to uncover a vast conspiracy and find a cure to the virus.


A multiplayer RTS fantasy war game set in the Middle Ages. Also available for iOS and Android platforms.

Mosaic Hearts Prototype

EVERY enemy is a potential new best friend! The town of Morilet has been swept up in a Territory War and it’s up to Jonn and Mary to save it! Fight each boss, gain them as an ally, and fight your way through each level. Build a strong group that can take down the final boss, Noel Weisburg.

Despot’s Game: Dystopian Army Builder

Guide puny humans through Despot’s Game – a rogue-like tactics army battler. Equip your team and sacrifice them through procedural dungeons as you fight enemies, and other players!

Corpse Mansion

Corpse Mansion is an open-world action horror survival game where decisions play an important role in the outcome of the story. Cole Woods embarks on a mission to help a friend find her lost father while trying to investigate an infectious disease that turns people into flesh-eating corpses.


An endless thought-provoking, meditative Chess puzzler with a twist. Clear the board by chaining together moves.


There can only be one. Discover the origins of Dracula in this classics-inspired JRPG.

Pain Party

Pain Party is a game that combines precise movement mechanics with the chaos of a game show. Fight through the offline story mode or compete with up to 16 players in the online party mode. Let the party begin!


Have you ever dreamt about being inside an old Arcade Machine? ARK-ADE is a fast-paced VR First Person Shooter. Plunge into the retro vibes and shoot your way out through an evocative low-poly 80’s Sci-Fi setting to protect ARK and defeat ADE.


Hack & slash against the dark forces threatening your home world. Experience intense tactical fights in this fast-paced, old-school action RPG.

The Ranchers

You finally leave the stressful life of the city to embark on a new adventure in the countryside. Armed with only your courage and a small sum, your skills as a farmer will be put to the test. Will you be able to handle the challenges of this new beginning and make your Ranch a prosperous business?

War Mongrels

War Mongrels is an isometric real-time tactics game that takes place on the eastern front of World War II. Dynamic and tactical gameplay with stealth elements, tightly packed into a dark, fascinating story! Play on your own or in an online co-op.

ZpellCatz: Pumpkin Prologue

You are a young Shaman Cat on its travels that arrives in a mysterious village. It’s autumn. Pumpkins are ready for harvest – and so are the souls of the villagers! This is the prologue of ZpellCatz, a magical Action RPG set in a colorful fantasy world.

Consolation: Board Meeting – Jam Edition

A multiplayer party game, with a darker undertone. Traverse a board game board in a board meeting for a chance to be on the board of directors! Welcome to Consolation. We will make an employee out of you.

Naked Little Dude

Help Naked Little Dude collect the shopping for his wife and avoid the dog house! This is also a clothes-free adventure.

Going the Distance

Build and upgrade paper planes to celebrate the memories of your lost brother to help with your grief. In this launcher game, you will have different crafts and locations to re-live the best memories to help let him go.


Nebraska takes place as a journalist writing a book about mid-west America, who runs out of gas in a rural area of Nebraska. Players will explore and uncover the secret facility that lies beneath the attraction and discover the terrible experiments that have taken place there.

Yuko and the Akuma Menace

Yuko and the Akuma Menace is a top-down, grid-based movement, adventure, dungeon crawler game set in a ninja world of fantastic creatures and magic. Fight monsters with your kunai, shurikens, and smoke bombs. Cross dangers using the magical orbs, and save the world from the greatest threat ever.

Cry of Athena VR Battle Simulator

Create your own battles by summoning armies from a wide range of historical eras, fiction, and folklore – watch them fight, intervene with god powers or join in the battlefield yourself. Cry of Athena features a variety of AI, environment destruction, battle creation, and on-the-ground VR combat.

EVOLUTION – Versicorae Domlion

Reveal the truth concealing the city of Gris and its inhabitants by living the tales of four heroes (or victims) in this Lovecraftian adventure.

Cat Capacity

A crazy cat lady simulator.

The Alien Cube

Worlds collide as your cursed inheritance throws you into the middle of a series of mysterious events. Discover terrifying secrets as you follow your uncle’s disappearance, and confront a terrible truth that will change your life forever in this cosmic horror first-person adventure.

Tanhaji – The Lion Maratha Warrior of Ch. Shivaji

The first epic 3d RPG game on Maratha History and Marathi Culture.

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