Top Steam Games to Tryout in September 2021

Steam is one of the best platforms to play PC games. It releases more than one thousand games each month. We have listed down the best games being released in September 2021, covering all the genres. You can pick up your favorite game and mesmerize yourself with fantastic gameplay!

Game NamePlatformPriceLink
Plague BreakerSteamFree
Sorcerer KnightsSteamFree
Plunder PanicSteamFree
Crash The CoreSteam$4.99
Merek’s MarketSteamFree
The Research Age DELUXESteamFree
Foul Play – Yuri Visual NovelSteam$12.99
Themes of Dark and LightSteamFree
The SundewSteamFree
Neutron and the Tri-SparkSteamFree
Shadows of DoubtSteamTBD
SGS Afrika Korps: TunisiaSteamFree
The Lost Legends of Redwall™: The Scout Act 3SteamFree
Sokobear: WinterSteam$1.99
Little HatsSteamFree
Caves Of MarsSteam$14.99
FarRock DodgeballSteamFree
Tomes and Quests: a Word RPGSteamFree
LASER CHESS: DeflectionSteam$9.99
The Darkest TalesSteamFree
Lenny Loosejocks Goes WalkaboutSteam$20.00
Shooter for DummiesSteam$4.99
Ice Cream TruckSteamFree
The Revenge of Sophia RedSteam$14.99
Swing DunkSteamFree
Space Grid TournamentSteamFree
Night HunterSteamFree

Plague Breaker

Plague Breaker is a retro roguelike platformer with heavy RPG elements. Pick your class, create unique characters by multiclassing or create your own class with the class creator, all while exploring a procedurally generated castle filled with undead monsters and corrupted plague doctors.

Sorcerer Knights

Sorcerer Knights is an original game for 1 or 2 players, of Beat’em up style and inspired by the style of the game’s classics from the ’90s, but with an updated aesthetic. The theme of the game is set in a time fantastic where the mighty Sorcerer Knights, formidable heroes who dominate both the skill of the weapons such as powerful magic, must face numerous hordes of menacing enemies in order to liberate the kingdom from the tyranny of the fearsome Sorcerer KaliXtus.


Desktop and VR interactive space experience/game. Fan homage to SpaceX’s efforts of inspiring humanity to finally become a spacefaring civilization! Experience launches, flights, and landings of starships first-hand engage with challenging mini-games, explore funny memes, and more.

Plunder Panic

Plunder Panic is a swashbuckling, up-to-12-player action-arcade game where two rival crews battle for supremacy on the high seas! With both local and online play, work with your crew to plunder booty, defeat the enemy captain, or scuttle their ship. The first team to capture an objective wins!

Crash The Core

A sci-fantasy roguelike deck builder with co-op where you manage a spy agency gathering intel about the secret location of a planet’s core system or uncover a conspiracy to take over the galaxy. With a unique battlefield system, card salvaging mechanics, and a spy agency management metagame!

Merek’s Market

Merek’s Market is a chaotic crafting game about running a medieval shop. Take charge of your shop as you haggle, barter, and craft your way through a comical single-player campaign or team up with friends in couch co-op to supply the whole town.

The Research Age DELUXE

In a time of turmoil and decay, a dark organization named INPLANT Industries casts its shadow over the world with its sinister agenda.

Foul Play – Yuri Visual Novel

Foul Play tells the story of a young, bright-eyed detective who is determined to succeed. Her world quickly turns upside down after she is tasked with catching a sexy, mercurial assassin. In the end, she’ll need to determine how pure her conscience really is. After all, justice is subjective.

Themes of Dark and Light

Themes of Dark and Light is a 2D puzzle platformer where changing the color theme will alter the environment.

The Sundew

You are Anna Isobe, a cyborg cop abandoned by progress and thrust into the midst of a global conspiracy. Experience classic point-and-click gameplay as you travel across the dark future, and make choices that will seal the fate of the world.

Neutron and the Tri-Spark

Neutron is an action maze runner where you will guide your hero on an adventure to collect the energy orbs of the Tri-Spark while avoiding capture by the security bots.

Shadows of Doubt

First-person detective stealth game set in a fully-simulated sci-fi noir city. There’s a serial killer on the loose, and it’s up to you to catch them by any means necessary: Sneak, tail, hide, hack, and lock-pick. Just keep a low profile!

SGS Afrika Korps: Tunisia

SGS Afrika Korps: Tunisia is a complete standalone game that covers the famous Tunisian campaign from November 1942 to June 1943. Hold Tunisia as the Axis, or expel your enemy from Africa and set the stage for the Allies’ invasion of Sicily.

The Lost Legends of Redwall™: The Scout Act 3

A narrative puzzle-adventure game based on Brian Jacques’ Redwall™️ book series. Play as Liam or Sophia as they conclude their adventure to Redwall Abbey joined by a family of mysterious stoats, a kindly – if cowardly – mole, and ever pursued by the egotistical Pirate Captain Cheesthief.

Sokobear: Winter

Sokobear is the spa’s maintenance bear, his job is to turn on the heating and massage system of all the natural pools in this winter spa.

Little Hats

Little Hats is an open-world survival game mixed with RPG elements, in which you play as a Gnome! Set in a magical world, you will have to survive, build, and explore, in order to discover the secrets of the forest and the many lands that lay beyond!

Caves Of Mars

The Caves Of Mars is the new 2D action space shooter game set in the mysterious caves of the planet Mars. Navigate your spacecraft through these caves, destroy enemies and alien lifeforms and collect as many gems as possible. Collecting gems will increase your health and gain points. You will gain extra bonus points the more gems you collect and enemies you destroy.


This is different from the general ninja game because you will play a “ninegg”, a novice ninja. There are so few skills that you can’t even attack the enemy!? Take advantage of everything around you, avoid a lot of killing, collect broken scrolls, and challenge the final BOSS.

FarRock Dodgeball

FarRock Dodgeball is a sports RPG based in NYC that includes a Story mode, Arcade mode, and a Versus mode. Buying sneakers in Harlem to improve your stats, Eating NY pizza in Brooklyn to replenish your health…this is more than a dodgeball game, it’s an experience…the real NYC experience.

Tomes and Quests: a Word RPG

An upcoming fantasy role-playing game with a word game twist, Tomes and Quests is a whole new take on puzzlers. Three friends have become trapped in a book. The upside is they now have amazing new abilities that are powered by words! Solve word puzzles, battle evil, level up, and save the world.


Use your hero, units, and structures to survive incoming waves of enemies! Travel far into the land to gather rare resources and powerful artifacts. Beware of mighty bosses like Coffe-beak or Werebuff!

LASER CHESS: Deflection

Obliterate the enemy’s king with your laser by strategically moving/rotating mirrors, portals, and more in this mind-bending chess-like game. Challenge your friends or battle an AI (includes Level Editor)!

The Darkest Tales

When a nightmare creeps into reality, the only ones that can help are those whose magical powers we’ve believed in since childhood. A brave teddy bear heads to the far side of “happily ever after” to rescue his owner, Alicia.

Lenny Loosejocks Goes Walkabout

Guide Lenny Loosejocks as he goes Walkabout in the Australian outback. It’s the groundbreaking original Lenny Loosejocks web adventure in all its pixelated glory – exactly like you remember playing when you got home from school in 1997.

Shooter for Dummies

Shooter for Dummies puts players in the perspective of a dummy. Play the most iconic FPS PvP maps: CTF, Team Deathmatch, Kill confirmed… where the winning is not the common goal: The dummy with less receiving damage wins! But don’t worry dummies, you can punch players almost off the map!

Ice Cream Truck

Screech, halt! Max and his ice cream truck reach an unfamiliar universe never seen before. Continue making your way as you go after the little kid’s balloon. Solve mysteries with emotion-flavored ice cream.

The Revenge of Sophia Red

The Revenge Of Sophia Red is a first-person psychedelic horror adventure with puzzle elements. It’s about the life of the book author Sophia Red. Love can turn into hate and make people blind. Revenge has become the only meaning in Sophia’s life. This is her story.

Swing Dunk

Swing Dunk delivers a stunning combination of fast-paced basketball and a stylish hoverboarding experience. Ride your hoverboard to slip through your opponent’s defense and SWING the ball to shoot or throw down a SLAM DUNK! Train your skills and SWING your way to victory!

Space Grid Tournament

Space Grid Tournament lets you take part in the most spectacular sport of the future. Spawn your robotic players, fight to take control over every tile of the field, and lead your team to glorious victory. Fast, tactical, and brutal shots of fantastic sports emotions!

Night Hunter

A unique, one-of-a-kind hunting experience. Call and hunt predators, earn money, and upgrade to better equipment. Are you the next Night Hunter?

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