Top Underrated Racing Games To Play

Hundreds of racing games are released on daily basis at Play store, selecting the best racing games is never easy, as most of the racing games are complete trash, there are some gems that goes under the radar, in this post we have targeted those games that went under the radar, we have curated this list very carefully to keep you busy for rest of the year.

Game NamePlatformPriceLink
Drift WorldsAndroidFree
Chundos + turbo LiteAndroidFree
Drift OnlineAndroidFree
Cartoon RacingAndroidFree
Fun Chameleon Race 3DAndroidFree
Hotblood DriftAndroidFree
Speedy WheelAndroidFree
Return Zero Cardboard VRAndroid$1.99
Dino Walk SimulatorAndroid$4.99
American MuscleAndroidFree
Burn Out Drag RacingAndroidFree
Parking Challenge 3DAndroid$0.99
Formula Drag RacingAndroidFree
Kids Racing IslandsAndroidFree
JDM RacingAndroidFree
History Racers 2Android$1.99
Monster Truck HeroAndroidFree
American Truck UnlimitedAndroid$0.99
Cafe RacerAndroidFree
Highway Car Racing GameAndroidFree
Extreme Tux RacerAndroid$0.99
Super Monster TruckAndroid$1.99

Drift Worlds

You will find yourself drifting across desert plateau’s, above the clouds across snowy tundras or deep in the depths of a volcano. With dozens of levels providing unique and exciting challenge we’ll see who can hold the record for each race. Hold the record and you will be immortalised as a ghost racing along side each new challenger.

Chundos + turbo Lite

Race with the unique characters and help one of them to win! But remember, be very careful in battle mode because your opponents are very cruel, they will do everything to exploit your car and win the race.

Drift Online

The Ultimate Drifting game that lets you live the thrills of Arab Online Drifting with your friends, in over 10 middle- eastern environments and a wide variety of drifting cars, which you will be addicted to it.

Cartoon Racing

With “Cartoon Racing”, drive your SuperCar in a really Fun Cartoon environment! Take the control of your Cartoon Car, on no less than 20 different tracks! Improve your experience on each track and increases your XP!

Fun Chameleon Race 3D

Very easy to play. Touch the left side of screen to jump and the right side to change your color while jumping.

Hotblood Drift

Download Hotblood Drift, a racing game by which you can feel thrilling drift and exhilarating driving comfort, now, and experience the pleasure yourself.

Speedy Wheel

Speedy Wheel will take you through floating race tracks and teleport gates, all set in a futuristic environment where you can break the laws of physics! Reach new longer distances and ride your Wheel up to astonishing velocity!!! Find gadgets and secret spots that will help you to survive longer.

Return Zero Cardboard VR

Return Zero VR is a­ beautiful,­ psychedelic,­ ultrafast VR tunnel racer. If racing past mad-fast, frantic mazes set out in virtual, Virtual/Digital- like worlds is your thing, then Return Zero VR is definitely the game for you.

Dino Walk Simulator

Race against other dinosaurs or grab some friends and huddle around your phone or tablet for lots of silly dinosaur fun. Featuring 10 racing locations!

American Muscle

Do you like American cars? Then get ready to push the pedal to the metal in American Muscle Drag Racing game. Choose from over 10 different American cars from classis to modern. Very easy controls, along with high quality 3D graphics to give you the ultimate mobile gaming experience. Lots of cars to choose from, and tons of car modifications available.

Burn Out Drag Racing

Find the right balance of accelerator and clutch to beat the pack in one of the funnest quarter mile drag racing games available. Get the best time in heads up drag racing action to move on in the tournament. Don’t damage your ride. Repairs are expensive and time consuming. Race dragsters, funny cars, hot rods, gassers, jet cars, semis, and motorcycles at the drag strip.

Parking Challenge 3D

Drive and park 4 different vehicles from a standard saloon to a large bus with realistic physics, through turns and bends without bumping into objects and pavement.

Formula Drag Racing

This game is all about drag racing miniature formula cars. Made to mimic the formula in schools competition. Formula Drag Racing was made by the alacritydynamics team and is a way to practise reaction skills in this mindblowing drag racing game!

Kids Racing Islands

Choose a car and show your skills at the wheel and test your reflexes. Show you can ride like no other, beat your friends and prove you are the ultimate rider. 3D Car Race Simulator, real engine and crash sounds, skid marks and tire smoke. Real time dynamic physics. Kids Racing Islands is easy to drive, use your own device as a steering wheel.

JDM Racing

Drive legendary Japanese ​race cars​ on various races, tracks. Beat records, take part in different racing events, pump up your sport ​car driving skills​ and rise from Beginner to Pro League driver. Collect, win, tune up, and upgrade your dream cars.

History Racers 2

A racing game in which you will have fun competing with historical figures in various competitions: You can choose to run a single race. There are 6 cups in which you can compete. Challenge Adventure mode through 33 levels. 24 tests in Challenge mode.

Monster Truck Hero

Avoid all the obstacles on your way, control your Monster Truck with real physics. Enjoy bounce, drift and tire slips as real driving!

American Truck Unlimited

You can drive a real American style Truck in a stage. Collect time and roll a ball to the start again to get extra points. You can drive untill you have time, and you can collect time to drive more. Stay concentrated, the time is not always the same.

Cafe Racer

Ride your motorcycle in one or two way roads, swerve and filter between realistically moving traffic, through cities, country roads and desert environments. All in glorious Low-Poly lack of detail.

Highway Car Racing Game

Are you ready for the excitement and thrill of highway car driving where you can outrun cars and trucks in high speed.


Realistic racing simulation, the app to control your DR!FT-Racer. Turn your living room into a racetrack! Enjoy exciting races on your desk! We have developed a model car with a unique drive concept (patent pending) which allows the simulation of understeering, oversteering, and drifting, without ever losing contact with the ground. To drive the DR!FT-Racer, you can use throttle, brake, handbrake , and steering.

Extreme Tux Racer

Get ready for a lot of fun and speed! The Linux mascot Tux is coming to Android! Help penguin Tux to ride down the snow slope, collect as much fishes as you can. Practice, improve your skills and participate in events – beat the clock! Lots of different levels with various terrains and tricky passes.

Super Monster Truck

Show your skills in the ultimate Monster Truck driving game! Collect coins to unlock and customize 10 xtreme monster trucks. Race through desert, ice and prairie in 32 challenging levels! (more coming soon!) Equip your monster truck with useful items to reach the goal in no time! Customize your monster truck with wheels and powerups! More trucks & levels coming soon.

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