Torghast Guide – Wow Shadowlands

This guide will let you know how to clean Torghast’s both layers in Wow Shadowlands easily. You will also learn about the Fire Mage with builds. 

It is really fun to play within Torghost. You can use the classical fire build in talents except the rank 25 and take the blazing soul.

It will give you a free blazing barrier each time you blink. In Torghost, it will be your best survival friend, so you will take everything, boosting blink and blazing barriers, blink reduces cooldown, barrier 40 percent boos, 4 charge of blink. So let’s begin my little Torghast guide with layer 3 of fracture chambers. Remember that you have to do a lot of blinks, so take everything that boosts blink. Use your arcade explosion to break all of these, always keep a blazing barrier on you and begin pulling monsters. 

You can cast this:

enemy life > 30 percent fire fall as a filler.

enemy like < 30 percent scorch as a filer.

fire blast with a proc / 1-2 mobs = pyro /3+ = flame strike.

As always, you have to use your fire blast at the end of the fireball/ scorch. In aoe CC, you have dragon’s breath and ice nova. 

The more you clean, the more phantasma you will get, so clean everything if you have the time.  

You can do elites without combustion if you have legendary proc, spam pyro fast. 

When the shadestalker appears (when you are out of combat), CC him with ice Nova and kill him. 

Here is an Aoe group example. You can use flame strike instead of pyro and dragon’s breath to CC. Try to keep them on the flame strike’s ground.

2 monsters example 

Don’t forget that you can interrupt the casting if needed. 

On floor three with a vendor or outside, keep taking:

Everything boosting blink or barrier for your survival and everything boosting haste/ mastery/ intell/ time warp.

And mostly, the more important ability to take is this one: Fire Juggler (fire blast launches your enemy into the air). With this ability, you can interrupt/CC anyone, even the END boss (even no interruptable spell), each time you fireblast. 

Let’s now see this action with a rare enemy on floor 4.

30 percent life, time to scorch run and finish him easily. 

Sometimes, while pulling an elite or a pack, a shadestalker can appear and attack you. 

You have to ice Nova him, dragon’s breath the elite and sheep the stalker. After that, resume your fight with the elite, kitting him with scorc, and kill him with procs. Don’t forget to kill the sheep.  

Let’s fight the floor six boss now, begin bursting him and then keep breaking his spell while damaging him. 

If you don’t know the boss spell, let him cast a spell and see what it does, you will know if it is worth the interruption. 

This one grabs and stun you! You have to interrupt it. 

And lastly, this one gives him a reflect spell-like shield and it combos with his grasp spell. It is a must interrupt the spell.

Just blink, and you now know what to interrupt. Let’s kill him now. 

Move on to the next chamber boss now. He is a little harder, but you know what to do now. Like before, begin bursting him and all the fight, you will have to interrupt some of his spells. This one does a ground aoe damage following you; move to avoid the damage.

The two others must be interrupted; one deals you a lot of damage, and the other fears you.

The interrupt is the priority even if you are casting. In that case, immediately, the ice blocks and then  blink at the end. 

Same error here that could cost you the fight. So really keep an eye on his fear cast and interrupt it in priority.

And that’s it; you are done with it.   

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