Trapping Guide – Project Zomboid

In this guide, you will find all the details of Trapping in Project Zomboid.

You will need to have a park ranger to survive trapping at the beginning of character creation. The new character starts with plus-two trapping points and knows every crafting recipe.

If you take it as your occupation, you’re going to have a big leg up mainly because you don’t have to slog through slow leveling and hope for finding books with the recipes in them. Reading is for dorks with library cards. If you want to choose a different occupation, you can take the hunter trait to start with all the trap recipes, and also, you can take hikers and get the basics from the get-go.

You can stop playing with leaves in a garden and broaden your horizons to the beautiful world of savory meat. First, make sure there are 75 tiles between your traps and your base, or you will not catch anything. You don’t have to put these within 75 tiles of an area you regularly go to, as that’s enough to cut off your meat supply. You don’t have to check these traps, period, because the zombies will do it for you. 

If you store the meat for long, it will attract nearby zombies. You will find mice and rats and trailers in parks and towns, birds in farms, and if you want to find squirrels, you need to go to forests and go through the area. To find rabbits, you need to go to the deep forests.

There will be small stick traps because they are easy to make, and you only need one twine and four sturdy sticks. The best bait for these is worms that never rot and are gathered a lot easier than some baits. If you didn’t take the traits, you would need to find this recipe in the hunter magazine volume 2. This spawn can find other magazines in mailboxes and bookshelves.

You will need to renew your library card while you’re at Duncan. Stick traps have a 40 catch chance, and they only catch small birds. These tick every game, so make sure you check them regularly if you are really in a pinch for food. They make an excellent snack, reducing hunger by 26 points when cooked fresh. 

You can find the recipe for these in hunter magazine volume 2, and you can craft them with a saw, three planks, and five nails. These traps have a 30% chance to catch something, and they will only catch squirrels or rabbits between 7 pm and 5 am. They are nocturnal. You can see in project zomboid as of build 41 at a whopping 0.2 weight; these rabbits will reduce your hunger by 52 points when cooked fresh.

It’s enough to feed a small army. Both types of traps take a certain kind of bait, and each has a value for its effectiveness. Bait for the sticky traps are too many, but you need to use worms because they are very effective, and you don’t have to use bread or something else. You will see bread and worms have a value of 50 while corn and cereal have a value of 45.

There are only four types of bait you can use for birds. If you don’t start a farm, you have to dig furrows in the ground and find enough worms for these. If you’re growing your vegetables, you need to put ten percent towards your crate traps and do whatever you want with the remaining eighty percent.

With a value of 45, carrots are the best vegetables to trap rabbits. Any vegetable you can grow can be helpful, but carrots take the least time to grow and require little water, but you will need at least 12 seeds to plant one tile. You also have to level up your skill. Check on your traps, harvest the meat, replace the bait, leave, and repeat bars. You can also read the books while you’re waiting for the traps to pay their dividends.

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