Trick or Treat in Roblox Work at Pizza Place

This guide will provide you with all the details about trick or treat in Roblox Work at Pizza Place. 

First, there is a new trick or treat mode. In this mode, you can knock on other’s doors to get some candies.

You will be able to use these candies to redeem special furniture. 

This is how it works:

As you can see, there is also new music and a new doorbell sound.

There you will have some candies. The new decorations are awesome.

Now, let’s see how the pizza place changed. The new trees are so creepy.

The decoration is excellent here. There is also boo juice, and the boxes are also new. 

As you can see, the maze is gone.

And the mulberry is back.

There is also a new present here. 

You will find some new and special furniture as well. 

There are not a lot of new items here in the shop.

There is a new place where you can sell the items. 

No changes in the dump, only decorations. 

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