Tricks That Only the Best Players Know in Minecraft

This guide will let you know the 11 tricks that only the best players know in Minecraft. 

If regular Minecraft has been too easy for you, you might want to start playing hard or even hardcore. Here are a few tips on how to survive like a pro.

Table of Contents

    Trick 1

    If you’re playing on hard difficulty, then you have noticed zombies can break your doors.

    Luckily, there is an easy way to fix this. If you place a door down from the side then click on it, it’ll act like a normal door. But zombies think it’s open and won’t break it.

    Trick 2

    You always need to have a water bucket with you and save you from fire or lava; they have many other uses too. For example, if you need to get up a mountain quickly, you can use one to swim up high walls without having to leave scars on the landscape with blocks. But once you’re up, how do you get down quickly too? 

    Water also negates fall damage. So a well-timed water bucket can stop you from taking damage; you can start doing a few blocks to practice and eventually jump down whole mountains. It is a little risky, though, so make sure you’re confident before jumping off buildings.

    Trick 3

    If you’ve been exploring and looting for a while, you can end up walking far from home, so you have to bring an ender chest with you. You can put all the stuff you need inside it and then die to respawn back at home.

    Trick 4

    Your items will be safe in any ender chest you use, and you can even use shulker boxes to store more. You might want to get to the nether quickly. But if you don’t have diamonds, you can’t get obsidian.

    Trick 5

    There’s a way to get past this, too, seeing as lava turns into obsidian with water. You can use a lava pool to make a portal like this. The nether is still just as dangerous, though, so make sure you still have some armor. 

    Trick 6

    Once you’ve been to the nether and looted a little, you’ll have access to potions. Fire resistance and health potions are very useful.

    Trick 7

    If you’re traveling in the nether, or even just having a fire-resistance potion can save you from lava. Splash Potions of healing can be great too.

    Trick 8

    If you find yourself running away from a group of mobs, you can look down slightly and heal up to 4 hearts.

    Trick 9

    In Minecraft, you only have nine Hotbar slots which aren’t always enough to hold what you need. But, if you press a Hotbar slot bind in your inventory, the item you’re hovering over swaps with that Hotbar slot. When you open your inventory, your cursor will always be over the top middle slot, which means that you can quickly swap things around and grab potions or ender pearls in a pinch.

    Trick 10

    When mining, it’s most efficient to dig out a 1×2 blockhole, but there’s a way to find even more valuables quickly. After mining three blocks forward, you have to break five blocks on either side of you. You uncover many more blocks like this and increase your chances of finding valuable ores. An alternative to this is to bring trapdoors along with you. If you place one on the wall and close it, you’ll start crawling, You can uncover a lot of blocks very quickly like this, but it’s harder to go down these tunnels again.

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