Tricks with Map – The Mimic Chapter 2

This guide will provide you with easy tricks with a map for The Mimic Chapter 2. 

Mannequin part

You have to walk straight and look down when you reach the end.

But first, check on the right and listen if she’s there, if she quickly returns to the middle, and sprint straight.

You will need to look closely; the key is quite difficult to see because it is the same color as the floor. Pick it up and quickly go back!

After that, move on across the hall to get the spirit butterfly.

You can use the key to open this door. Go to the right side, and follow the path until you find a blue butterfly.

Stick to the corner, and she won’t go near you.

Then you have to wait for her to go back and go to the right side. Sprint, and follow the path to where you came from.

At this point, go straight and go right.

Remember that this is the entrance; there will be two wall lamps on each side.

You need to get a butterfly spirit in one of the gardens, as shown in the image below. 

Just follow the map, and sprint all the way. Get the butterfly, listen carefully because once you’re there, she’ll be outside the garden, so you have to stay until you hear her steps fade out.

Next, go to this room outside the garden, stay there, and wait until she passes.

Now, you will need to sprint back to the entrance! 

There will be two wall lamps at the entrance, as you can see in the image below. 

Next, you need to go to a room near the exit, located here on the map. 

Walk until you make it into the dark straight path.

And then sprint into the room. 

Wait there and listen carefully until she passes this way.

That’s your CUE to sprint to the exit, and you made it!

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