Trucking Guide – GTA San Andreas

It is a complete guide for Trucking in GTA San Andreas. You will find everything you need to know about Trucking.  

To start the trucking side mission, you will need to reach the Rs Haul depot in flint country after completing the mission “Tanker Commander”.

The first and fourth deliveries require the goods to be delivered as quickly as possible.

Mission Passed!


The second and fifth deliveries are focused on fragile cargo, so you have to avoid emptying the damaged bar.

Mission passed!


The seventh delivery is a combo of the previous two; there’s a time limit and fragile goods that must not destroy.

Mission Passed!


The third, Sixth and eighth deliveries are illegal items that will automatically raise the wanted level to a minimum of three stars.

Mission Passed!


Police bribes and pay n Spray are useless; the only way to lower the wanted level is to deliver the goods.

With the money gained for each completed delivery, the RS haul will become an asset after completing all eight missions. 

Mission Passed!


Trucking Complete.

Like any other asset, the depot will start generating a revenue of $2,000 Maximum per day.

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