True Piece Fruits Tier List 2023 (Best Fruits)

True Piece is a Roblox game that is inspired by One Piece. The players will choose to play a marine or as a pirate. You have to explore the world and defeat all the bosses out there. You will have different weapons to bring the enemies down, and you can also increase your battle power by obtaining rare items. 

The best fruit in tier S+ is Phoenix Fruit; they are the best ones in the entire game. Mochi Fruit and Rubber Fruit are the most prominent fruits in the S tier, and dark Fruit and Ice Fruit rank in A tier, while Fire Fruit and Gravity Fruit rank in B. 

The most prominent fruits in tier C are Barrier Fruit and Operation Fruit. Some fruits in tier D are Bomb Fruit and Chop Fruit; they are the worst. 

Table of Contents

    S+ Tier

    Phoenix Fruit

    S Tier

    Mochi Fruit
    Rubber Fruit

    A Tier

    Dark Fruit
    Ice Fruit
    Lightning Fruit
    Magma Fruit
    Snow Fruit
    Tremor Fruit

    B Tier

    Fire Fruit
    Gravity Fruit
    Light Fruit
    Spino Fruit
    String Fruit

    C Tier

    Barrier Fruit
    Operation Fruit
    Sand Fruit
    Smoke Fruit

    D Tier

    Bomb Fruit
    Chop Fruit
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