Tsuki Adventure Forest Guide

This brief guide will get to know some tips and tricks about Jugafuchi Forest in the TSUKI adventure.

This place is one of the essential places which trigger many diary entries.

You can see the ranger jovian. He rescues people who are lost in the woods e.g. Shawn the deer.

Tsuki will be doing lots of activities here at different times. This place also has a camp shop to buy supplies needed for the forest.

Tip: Buy the tattered tent first to unlock the diary, then buy the rich alute tent.

The shop restokes every three hours.

And also closes at 11 pm and opens at 9; Kuma will be sleeping at this time. So here are the items which were bought from the camping shop, like a mason jar, a bundle of ropes, machete, dutch oven, compass, etc.

As you can see, it’s near the camping shop. The fishing rod will be placed, tap on it to go fishing in the waterfall, and fish it.


So here is the waterfall place where Tsuki fishes. You can catch plenty of new fish. Common, uncommon, and rare, but not as fast as yukiyama.

Important Tip:

You can see a secret opening in the waterfall. This opening only can be seen at 6 am and 6 pm with a one-hour duration.

Let’s enter it, but you need a required item to enter it. A “torch.”

You will see a gachapon machine here. Get a red heart to get toys.

Another important thing is to use your camera in those writings, and you will see the script written in blue. Those are the hiking directions to meet the big tree.


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