Tsuki Adventure Game Guide – Tips And Tricks

In this brief guide, you will get to know about tips and tricks in the Tsuki adventure game and the lifestyle of Tsuki in the village.

1)  Make Friends

The most important thing is to interact and build friendships with characters. Different characters arrive at different times. You need to chat with all the game characters and listen to their stories. As the character, Yari has a story for you.

Pass by all the shops and have an interaction with all. Help them if they ask you.


2) Using Items

Note that you can only use some items stored at Tsuki’s house. Other purchased items will be used by Tsuki automatically in the game environment.


Tsuki used to fly kites at night and also likes to catch fireflies. These items are stored in his house.

3) Earning Carrots

There are only 2 most effective ways to earn carrots: the first is collecting duck eggs and the other is by fishing.

Tsuki fishing with a fishing rod.

4) Discover all beautiful moments

Tsuki enjoying fireworks on a beautiful night.

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