Typing Simulator Codes 2022

You will need to start tapping away to type and sell your typing currency to earn some coins in Typing Simulator. You can use the coins to purchase pets and upgrade your types.

Active Codes

13KLIKESUse it to get 13,000 Emojis
15KLIKESUse it to get 15,000 Emojis
20KLIKESUse it to get 20,000 Emojis
25KLIKESUse it to get 25,000 Emojis
AURAUse it to get 2,000 Emojis
AURA2Use it to get 2,000 Emojis
COWBOYUse it to get 800 Coins
fairyUse it to get 5000 Coins
ISLANDUse it to get 750 Coins
NEWUse it to get Free Coins
PIRATEUse it to get 3,500 Coins
POTIONSUse it to get 750 Emojis
RELEASEUse it to get 5000 Coins
RUSSOUse it to get Free Coins
SUNUse it to get 5,000 Coins
THANKSUse it to get 1,750 Emojis
TYPEUse it to get 5000 Coins

How do you redeem codes in Typing Simulator?

Look for the Twitter button on the right side of the screen. Click it, and a window will pop up for you to paste your code into. Then click “Redeem” and you’re done!

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