Under The Radar Games On Android in 2023

Each year we release under the radar edition, in this year’s edition, we have selected some really cool games, the games are selected by testing the gameplay, and all games have high-quality graphics. Most of the games in this list are very addictive and will keep you busy for a very long time.

Game Name Platform Price Link
Ballz Maze 3D PlayStore Free
Orb Tour PlayStore Free
Boom Down (Early Access) PlayStore Free
Air Hockey Extreme – Single (AI), Double Players PlayStore Free
Vibrant Dash PlayStore Free
Manic Driller PlayStore Free
Frog’s Princess Chapters One & Two PlayStore Free
Flapping Fish PlayStore Free
Quiz About Family Guy PlayStore Free
Robo House PlayStore Free
Car Slalom Fantogame PlayStore Free
Ball & Walls – Ball Puzzle Games PlayStore Free
Premier League Top Trumps PlayStore Free
Hexa-Trex PlayStore Free
ProverbIdioms – Hidden Objects Puzzle Game PlayStore Free
Games for kids + games for babys PlayStore Free
Звания ВС РФ PlayStore Free
Giraffe and Friends PlayStore Free
Reveal (Memory Challenge) PlayStore Free
RTC Bus Driver – Tirupati PlayStore Free
brunchface PlayStore Free
Jigsaw Puzzles – Free Classic Jigsaw Puzzle Games PlayStore Free
Far Space PlayStore Free
Car Eats Car 3D: Racing Arena (Early Access) PlayStore Free
Guess the Number PlayStore Free
Hell Balls PlayStore Free
Plug Master (Early Access) PlayStore Free
ASMR Toy PlayStore Free
Gunmansturm PlayStore Free
Tile Blazer PlayStore Free


Ballz Maze 3D

Game objective: use the ring to collect all red balls as they fall. If you miss just 1 ball, you cannot complete the level. The first few levels are very easy to play. As you go along, you’ll encounter more and more challenges in the game, such as jumping, rotating, and breaking platforms. You can break certain platforms with a hit of a button to help you complete some levels.

Orb Tour

Snowy is an alien snowcone who has been asleep for many years. When he wakes up, he discovers his people are nowhere to be found. Help him acquire all the power orbs in the game’s ten open-world sandbox levels, using your skills in platforming, puzzle solving, exploration, and combat.

Boom Down (Early Access)

Get the best score! Be the next Forest Bowl Champion team! Select between a vast variety of cute animal teams, each armed with their own special perks and abilities! Get high scores got be rewarded with Powers Ups to overcome the hardest of teams! Discover and Unlock new animal teams!

Air Hockey Extreme – Single (AI), Double Players

First, pick a game mode you would like to play: one or two players. Drag on the striker on your half of the field to move it around. Try and hit the puck with your striker. The harder you strike, the faster the puck will go. Aim for the goal or shoot against the edges to trick your opponent. Develop your own strategy and become the greatest Air Hockey player of all time!

Vibrant Dash

Vibrant Dash is a free to play Hypercasual, Action – Adventure Arcade Game! Tap or Hold your finger down on the correct lane to stay alive!

Manic Driller

Manic Driller is a simple but addictive game where you must mine as deep as you can by breaking the blocks you find along the way. In this exciting mix between arcade, puzzle and endless runner you must drill and get points to beat your friends’ records.

Frog’s Princess Chapters One & Two

Design your hero. Change their personality by choosing what they say. Experience voice acting, music, sound effects, text, and visual effects. Save different versions of your storybook.

Flapping Fish

You have to save a fish that flies from obstacles on its way

Quiz About Family Guy

UNOFFICIAL Fan made Family Guy Quiz. Test your knowledge of Family Guy in this free fun quiz and trivia game. This game consists of 260 questions over three categories.

Robo House

The rooms in your house are full of robot vacuum cleaners and kittens. Sometimes a robot goes bad. When that happens, jump on the blinking red button on top of the robot to stop it, and earn one point. You can also earn points by collecting coins. When the timer reaches zero you continue to the next room.

Car Slalom Fantogame

when you find a distributor, approaching the first lane you get extra points. But the cars must not hit the barrels.

Ball & Walls – Ball Puzzle Games

Three types of walls are presented in the game. Your task is to arrange the walls in correct position or angle to direct the ball into the hole. Types of walls: Horizontal, Vertical and Angular. Moreover, some levels include barriers that ricochet the ball and portals that teleport the ball.

Premier League Top Trumps

Premier League Top Trumps is a Top Trumps Game with 50 all-time greats of the Premier League. Some of the players are still active, so not every category is always up to date on a daily basis. However, the values are updated regularly.


The object of the Hexa-Trex puzzle is to find a path through all the tiles to make a correct math equation. Try these fun Hexa-Trex brainteasers to keep your mind sharp with hours of challenging entertainment. This app contains 150 Hexa-Trex puzzles with three levels of difficulty.

ProverbIdioms – Hidden Objects Puzzle Game

Do you think you are good with English Sayings or Idioms? Want to test your English Idiom Skills or want to improve your English Idioms? Here’s an amazing hidden objects mystery game with Proverb Idioms that is better than any other Idiom Quiz app.

Games for kids + games for babys

Our game is created especially for the little ones and is designed for children 1 2 3 4 years. Simple controls allow the child to easily control the car with a simple push of a button forward or backward.

Звания ВС РФ

The game will allow you to study the existing ranks in both the land and naval Armed Forces of Russia.

Giraffe and Friends

Giraffe And Friends is a hyper casual rhythm game, which makes your days joyful, just like a giraffe! Simple control: swipe to play! Variety of fun characters like a giraffe, dino, pink dino, deer, lion, zebra, camel, llama… Adorable art style. Relaxing dino music.

Reveal (Memory Challenge)

This game will challenge your visual memory. The difficulty level increases with each level. Improve your visual memory with fun.

RTC Bus Driver – Tirupati

Tirupati, the pilgrim city of Sri Venkateshwara Swamy, which is located in the state of Andhra Pradesh, India. For the convivence of the pilgrims the State Road Transport Corporation runs Bus Service for every City.


Play over 360 levels as you unlock neighborhoods, landmarks, and achievements! Solve our puzzles by matching 3 or more ingredients, using boosters to overcome those tricky dishes, and be rewarded with savory cascades and mimosa-sparkly combos!

Jigsaw Puzzles – Free Classic Jigsaw Puzzle Games

Jigsaw Puzzles – Free Classic Jigsaw Puzzle Games” is a special and unique jigsaw puzzle app composed of various categories of jigsaw puzzles that you can relax and enjoy the fun of games on your phone or tablet. While playing, you’ll exercise the ability of observation and memory, and attempt to finish our unique jigsaw puzzles.

Far Space

Far Space – strategy with great space environment includes 14 fighting units and 4 types of space stations to develope and conquer the universe. Different game modes will allow you to feel like the commander of a space fleet aimed to conquer the far corners of the universe.

Car Eats Car 3D: Racing Arena (Early Access)

A new and exciting survival race is waiting for you! Save Beetlee’s friends and the entire planet from a dangerous alien threat. Monsters want to enslave and turn the unfortunate inhabitants of this fairy world into zombies. Countless hordes of enemies led by bosses have challenged you.

Guess the Number

The player decides to guess one of the numbers from three to six. According to the number of numbers decided by the player, the APP will randomly set a group of non-repeating numbers as the bottom of the puzzle, and the player will slide the number wheel to guess each number in the middle column.

Hell Balls

Hell Balls are onto you ! Avoid them as long as you can !

Plug Master (Early Access)

Plug Master is a fun puzzle game where your objective is to plug the wires correctly in order to turn on all of the electronic devices in each level.


Relax and enjoy a new ASMR experience with ASMR Toy. Choose from a wide variety of sounds and build your own interactive ASMR experience. From muckbangers eating to a visit to the barbershop, a calming forest, tapping, scratching, squishing and much more! If you can’t find your favorite ASMR sound, don’t worry! in PRO mode you can use your own sound clips. Not to mention all the ASMR textures around you using the ASMR Mic Toy.


The Gunmansturm is shooter game about storming the enemy’s fortifications. This game for people who understand that real war is pain and suffering, and victory is achieved at the cost of great losses. You will see for yourself if you complete the game from the beginning to the victory. The game shows numerous victims from shrapnel, bullets and fire in an unrealistic and vivid way. The target audience of the game is young adults 18 years and older.

Tile Blazer

Place different tile pieces and form a track from start to finish before the time runs out. Avoid different obstacles and don’t forget to collect extra time.

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