Under The Radar Games On Android in 2021

Each year we release under the radar edition, in this year’s edition, we have selected some really cool games, the games are selected by testing the game play, all games have high quality graphics. Most of the games in this list are very addictive and will keep you busy for a very long time.

Game Name Platform Price Link
Ballz Maze 3D PlayStore Free
Orb Tour PlayStore Free
Boom Down (Early Access) PlayStore Free
Air Hockey Extreme – Single (AI), Double Players PlayStore Free
Vibrant Dash PlayStore Free
Dadi Karaoke PlayStore Free
Frog’s Princess Chapters One & Two PlayStore Free
Inspiral PlayStore Free
Quiz About Family Guy PlayStore Free
Robo House PlayStore Free
Alchemy Pipes – Casual Connect Water Flow Puzzle PlayStore Free
Ball & Walls – Ball Puzzle Games PlayStore Free
Age of Galaxy PlayStore Free
Pipe Game PlayStore Free
Idle Yoga Tycoon: Fitness center PlayStore Free
FBR Skins And Guide For Battle Royale PlayStore Free
Звания ВС РФ PlayStore Free
Defense Force PlayStore Free

Ballz Maze 3D

Game objective: use the ring to collect all red balls as they fall. If you miss just 1 ball, you cannot complete the level. The first few levels are very easy to play. As you go along, you’ll encounter more and more challenges in the game, such as jumping, rotating and breaking platforms. You can break certain platforms with a hit of a button to help you complete some levels.

Orb Tour

Snowy is an alien snowcone who has been asleep for many years. When he wakes up, he discovers his people are nowhere to be found. Help him acquire all the power orbs in the game’s ten open-world sandbox levels, using your skills in platforming, puzzle solving, exploration, and combat.

Boom Down (Early Access)

Get the best score! Be the next Forest Bowl Champion team! Select between a vast variety of cute animal teams, each armed with their own special perks and abilities! Get high scores got be rewarded with Powers Ups to overcome the hardest of teams! Discover and Unlock new animal teams!

Air Hockey Extreme – Single (AI), Double Players

First, pick a game mode you would like to play: one or two players. Drag on the striker on your half of the field to move it around. Try and hit the puck with your striker. The harder you strike, the faster the puck will go. Aim for the goal or shoot against the edges to trick your opponent. Develop your own strategy and become the greatest Air Hockey player of all time!

Vibrant Dash

Vibrant Dash is a free to play Hypercasual, Action – Adventure Arcade Game! Tap or Hold your finger down on the correct lane to stay alive!

Dadi Karaoke

Have fun with the game’s unique karaoke mode with voice recognition. The app will tell you if you hit the right note. The more correct notes you hit the more points you’ll get!

Frog’s Princess Chapters One & Two

Design your hero. Change their personality by choosing what they say. Experience voice acting, music, sound effects, text, and visual effects. Save different versions of your storybook.


Inspiral creates breathtaking, geometric line drawings using a clever system of interlocking gears. You’ll be delighted and surprised as complex, captivating designs emerge under your fingertips.

Quiz About Family Guy

UNOFFICIAL Fan made Family Guy Quiz. Test your knowledge of Family Guy in this free fun quiz and trivia game. This game consists of 260 questions over three categories.

Robo House

The rooms in your house are full of robot vacuum cleaners and kittens. Sometimes a robot goes bad. When that happens, jump on the blinking red button on top of the robot to stop it, and earn one point. You can also earn points by collecting coins. When the timer reaches zero you continue to the next room.

Alchemy Pipes – Casual Connect Water Flow Puzzle

This immersive pipe game moves you to medieval times. The times when wizards were mixing their magic potions and they were trying to unscramble the most difficult mystery puzzles. You can become such a pipe wizard. You just have to tap the elements and rotate them in such a way that you connect pipes and design the pipeline with a magic potion inside.

Ball & Walls – Ball Puzzle Games

Three types of walls are presented in the game. Your task is to arrange the walls in correct position or angle to direct the ball into the hole. Types of walls: Horizontal, Vertical and Angular. Moreover, some levels include barriers that ricochet the ball and portals that teleport the ball.

Age of Galaxy

NOT a pay to win game! The in-app payment option is just a donation possibility to the code-developer. The game is a retro-like 8-bit game, so it is not pretty and it has no fancy animations. This is a pure gameplay-oriented turn based strategy.

Pipe Game

Pipe Game is a typical tile puzzle with a cool challenging twist. Move the sliding tiles to unblock a path for the ball to roll to the exit. Enjoy the delight of seeing the ball roll flatly through the connected tiles to the end.

Idle Yoga Tycoon: Fitness center

Run your yoga center and become a meditation tycoon! Are you ready to manage your yoga empire? Start in a mediocre center and work hard to make your business grow. Add new yoga room equipment and expand your equipment to include more wellness activities.

FBR Skins And Guide For Battle Royale

Coolest fbr skins for battle royale . Our application is a huge catalog of quality materials from your favorite game. Everyone can find something suitable for themselves. Download if you like fbr and battle royale skins. Here you can find fbr skins from different seasons of your favorite game.

Звания ВС РФ

The game will allow you to study the existing ranks in both the land and naval Armed Forces of Russia.

Defense Force

This game may be the most out-standing hard-core game that you ever played, with the most suitable and the simplest control for a mobile game, you can draw any line as your shield on the screen with only one finger, go and clear those stages.

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