UNIST Tier List

UNIST is a fighting game that was released in 2012 for the game players all around the world. There are a total twenty characters in the game and every one of them comes with unique skills and abilities. You can pick any one of them and prepare yourself for a one-on-one battle against the opponent. Every character has got special moves to knock the enemies down, you can use the special fighting moves to deal massive amounts of damage to your opponents. UNIST game is available to play on the Nintendo switch, playstation, Windows PC and arcade.

Tier S

VatistaZoner, Charge, Pressure, TrapperNullify CountersS
LinneMobility, Rushdown, BullyDouble Jump, Dash CancelS
PhononMulti-ranged zonerMuniel (whip)S
HildaAggressive zonerDress of Darkness: MasqueradeS

Tier A

HydeAll-rounder, mix-upsThe InsulatorA
WagnerRushdownFlame Brand and AncileA
GordeauOffensive, mix-upsAssimilationA
ByakuyaOffensive, stage control, trapperChelicerataA

Tier B

OrieRushdown, BullyThe RulerB
ChaosOffensive, Mix-ups, TrapperAzhi DahakaB
EltnumRushdown, BullyPistols, Mid-air throwB

Tier C

SethRushdown, Mobility, PressureMidair dash, backstepC
AkatsukiVersatile, Mix-upsDouble Jump, Alt Normal attackC

Tier D

MikaBullyPachelbel CannonD
LondrekiaMid-range, Mix-upsFreeze CountD
CarmineMix-ups, Pressure, TrapperDissolveD
YuzurihaMix-ups, Zoner, MobilityBattoujutsu StanceD

Tier F

EnkiduAggressive, Mix-upsHavocF
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