Use Pings in Halo Infinite

This guide will let you know the benefits of using pings in Halo Infinite. 

Pinging is a perfect addition to Halo. You can mark a location, enemy, vehicle, equipment, or weaponry by simply pressing up on the D-Pad or X for the keyboard.

It can even tell you if there are multiple enemies ‘grouped’ upon pinging, just one of them. You have to assume the pinging locations your ally saw enemies in that region.

According to the low radar range, information is very important in Halo Infinite for ranked and even casual play. Pinging is another form of info for teammates if you aren’t using a microphone or don’t know the callouts of the map.

Let your teammates know what weapons are available on racks, or if you see one in the open, many people would love to know if a BR, Mangler, Bulldog, etc., is around dropped power weapons.

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