Useful Facts for Veteran Minecraft Players

This guide will provide you with ten useful facts for veteran Minecraft players. 

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    Have you ever wondered how to find diamonds under lava? Or how to use boats in the nether?

    Useful Facts

    Striders were introduced in the last major update, but you might have noticed they are quite slow. Luckily, there’s a faster way to cross lava.

    Oak Boat

    If you time it right, you can jump off of boats on lava. It leaves a quick and untraceable path across lakes.

    Have you ever noticed how expensive rockets are?


    It’s very costly to go out about blasting yourself everywhere. 

    Crafting Table

    But luckily, you don’t need to. 

    Firework Rocket

    You can fly very efficiently by launching yourself off a tall enough cliff, then looking up at a 45-degree angle. If you repeat this, you can go super long distances with one rocket. 

    Secret Pathways

    You can make secret pathways with honey blocks because they’re slightly smaller than normal blocks. You can walk on their side; it allows you to make cool paths only people who know this can take.

    Potion of Fire Resistance

    If you drink a fire resistance potion and tap the spacebar to float just below the surface, you can see below lava. It is super useful for finding diamonds in caves and lava lakes in the nether. 

    F3 Screen

    The F3 screen is well known for its coordinates section. It allows you to see where in your world you are and gives you an easy way to find different parts of your world.  

    But the F3 Screen has a bunch more secrets hidden:


    When you’re mining, caves are some of the best areas, but they can be quite hard to come across. If you look at the “C” in the top left, you will see a number. If you’re mining, it will likely be around 4-10, but sometimes this can jump up a lot. If it does this, there’s a cave nearby, just mine in the direction that makes the number highest, and you should eventually bump into one.

    Digging Straight 

    You can also use this for digging straight down, while it may be the one rule of Minecraft. It makes it easy to run around looking straight down until the number is 1 digit. Then you will be fine to dig down.

    The F3 screen isn’t just useful for these advanced tricks, though. If you look at a block with the screen open on the right, you can see what block it is and all its properties. For example, you can see what blocks burn and what you can plant bamboo on. And some smaller things, like how far leaves are from their log. 

    There are 3 blocks that cushion fall damage in the game.

    • Hay Bales
    • Slime blocks
    • Honey blocks                     

    Hay bales and honey reduce damage by 20%, but slime blocks remove it completely. 


    Mobs won’t walk over Minecraft tails; their AI sees them as impassable objects.

    Diamond Sword

    You can create an easier barrier with them as well as make some cool traps. 

    We all know that water on lava makes obsidian. But did you know there’s a way to weaponize this?

    Stone Shovel

    If you’re fighting a friend, or maybe a mob when you’re in low health. Try to get your enemy into a 1-by-1 space and yourself in a different space with a window between them. Then place a lava bucket on their head and water next to it. It will trap them in a block and suffocate them.

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