Valorant Agents Tier List

Valorant is a “free to play” multiplayer first-person shooter game which was released in 2020 for game players all over the globe. The players need to make their own team by picking up five agents. Every agent is unique from one another and each one of them has got a pistol to kill the opponents.

Apart from pistols, Valorant offers some more weapons that are purchasable with in-game currency. You can earn this currency by taking the enemies down. Purchase lethal weapons to eliminate a huge number of enemies. Valorant is one of the top-rated multiplayer tactical shooter games featuring on the Windows PC.

The playable characters in the Valorant game are named “Agents”. There are more than 10 agents available in the game. Each one of them has got unique skills and abilities. The most popular ones are Cypher, Killjoy, Sage, and Reyna. You can pick them up in your team to knock the enemies out.

Tier S

Agent NameDescription
JettJett is a character in the game VALORANT; she is a female radiant agent from South Korea. Her passive ability is to drift, which allows her to move more quickly and quietly. Her basic abilities are cloudburst, which creates a rain of projectiles that damage and slow enemies; updraft, which creates a gust of wind that lifts Jett and nearby allies into the air; and wushu, which increases her attack speed and damage. Her signature abilities are tailwind, which increases the movement speed of herself and allies around her, and blade storm, which causes Jett to spin rapidly and damage all her enemies. Her ultimate ability is called “blade storm” and causes Jett to spin rapidly and deal damage.
SageSage is a female agent from China who is in the Valorant Protocol. Her abilities are Barrier Orb, which creates a shield around her; Slow Orb, which slows down enemies; and Healing Orb that heals herself and allies. Her ultimate ability is Resurrection, which brings allies back to life. She has eight ult. points. Her codename is Thorne, and she appears in VALORANT.
ViperViper is a playable character in the game VALORANT, she is a human female who belongs to the United States. Viper’s abilities include Snake Bite, and Poison Cloud, while Viper’s signature ability is Toxic Screen. Her ultimate ability is Viper’s Pit. Viper has seven ult. points, and her codename is Pandemic.
SovaSova is a male human agent in the Valorant Protocol, he is an initiator and has the basic abilities of an owl drone and a shock bolt. His signature ability is the recon bolt, which allows him to see through walls and scout out enemy positions. His ultimate ability is the hunter’s fury, which causes him to become incredibly fast and powerful for a short period. He has eight ult. points.
ChamberThe agent’s name is Chamber. His real name is Vincent Fabron, and he is French. He is a human male and is affiliated with the Valorant Protocol and the Kingdom Corporation. He is a Sentinel and has the abilities of Headhunter and Rendezvous. His ultimate ability is Tour De Force, and he has seven ult. points.
AstraAstra is a character that belongs to Ghana, and her race is Radiant. Her gender is female, and her affiliation is the Valorant Protocol. Her role is the controller, and her basic abilities are gravity well, nova pulse, and nebula / dissipate. The signature abilities of Astra are astral form and cosmic divide. Her ult. points are seven, and her codenames are rift.

Tier A

Agent NameDescription
SkyeSkye is an agent in the Valorant Protocol, she is from Australia, and her race is Radiant. Her gender is female, and her affiliation is Valorant Protocol. Her role is Initiator, and her basic abilities are Regrowth and Trailblazer; her signature abilities are Guiding Light and Seekers. Her ultimate ability is Seekers, and her ult. points are 7; her codename is Guide, and she first appears in Valorant. Her voice actor is Miranda O’Hare.
BreachBreach is a male human agent in the game, he is an initiator and can create an aftershock that can damage and stun enemies and create a Flashpoint that blinds and stuns enemies. He also can create a Fault Line that damages and stuns enemies. His ultimate ability is Rolling Thunder, which causes him to jump into the air and slam down, damaging and stunning all enemies in a large area. He has seven ult. points.
KilljoyKilljoy is a female human Sentinel in the game Valorant. She is from Germany, and her basic abilities are Alarmbot and Nanoswarm. Her signature ability is Turret, and her ultimate ability is Lockdown. She has seven ult. points.
ReynaReyna is a character in the new game VALORANT. She is from Mexico and is of the radiant race. Reyna is a duelist, and her basic abilities are leer and dismiss. Her signature abilities are devour and empress. Reyna’s ultimate ability is empress, and it costs six ult. points.
CypherCypher is a human male from Morocco who is a Sentinel in the Valorant Protocol. He can trap enemies in a cyber cage and spy on them with his spy cam. His ultimate ability is neural theft, which allows him to steal an enemy’s skills and use them himself. He has six ult. points.
NeonNeon is a duelist who originates from the Philippines. She is radiant and female. Her affiliations include the Valorant Protocol, the Kingdom Corporation, and K/SEC. Neon’s basic abilities are Fast Lane and Relay Bolt, and her signature abilities are High Gear and Overdrive. Her ultimate ability is Overdrive. Neon has seven ult. points, and her voice actor is Vanille Velasquez.

Tier B

Agent NameDescription
OmenOmen is a male agent in the game VALORANT. He is a controller and can shroud himself in shadows, which allows him to move around undetected. He can also use his shadows to attack enemies. Omen is very paranoid and often uses his abilities to spy on his enemies and gain an advantage in battle.
PhoenixPhoenix is a character in the game VALORANT. He is a duelist from the United Kingdom who is Radiant and male. He affiliates with the Valorant Protocol and has the abilities Blaze and Curveball. His signature ability is Hot Hands, and his ultimate ability is Run It Back. He has six ult. points.
RazeRaze is a human duelist from Brazil in the Valorant Protocol. She is a skilled fighter and uses her Boom Bot and Blast Pack abilities to defeat her opponents. Her Paint Shells ability coats her opponent in paint, making them easier to hit, and her Showstopper ultimate ability causes a massive explosion that knocks her opponent back.
Kay/OAgent Kay is a male robot from an alternate timeline Earth. He is a member of VALORANT and is the Initiator of the protocol. He has the basic ability to shoot grenades (FRAG/ment) and to dash (FLASH/drive). His signature ability is to fire a zero-point beam that temporarily immobilizes enemies (ZERO/point). His ultimate ability is to issue a null command that destroys all enemies in the vicinity (NULL/cmd). He has seven ult. points.

Agent NameDescription
YoruYoru is a character in the game VALORANT. He is from Japan and is a radiant male duelist. His basic abilities are fake and blindside; his signature abilities are gatecrash and dimensional drift. He has six ult points, and his voice actor is Daisuke Takahashi.
BrimstoneAgent Brimstone is a human male controller in VALORANT. He has the abilities incendiary, stim beacon, and sky smoke. His signature ability is an orbital strike, and his ultimate ability is a fireball. He has seven ult. points.

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