Vehicle Delivery Money Guide in GTA Online

This is a complete Vehicle Delivery Money guide in Grand Theft Auto Online. It will provide you with everything you need to know about Vehicle Delivery Money.

You can do these deliveries by air using a cargo bob but you can also do it by road as it is not a big deal for you. You can also deliver excess weapon parts to different animation locations around the map.

You will be getting $50k for these deliveries, as it is not new on GTA Online. But this is more like a front seat for tuners DLC, the Los Santos doc brought to the auto shop. You can deliver the client vehicles to the auto shop as this is a part of the strategy.

You will get a message from Sasanta, which says you have a client vehicle that is to be delivered. You can customize it completely according to the client or according to your choice. You will either make a bonus or plenty.

You can deliver it by yourself or by a staff member. As there is a high chance that the staff will get you more profit. With the criminal enterprises deal doc, your MC club now has expansion and you can also do client sales with a motorcycle.

For this, you also need to have a motorcycle workshop in the clubhouse.

There will be a single change in this for clients’ motorcycles, so you have to make the delivery by yourself, your staff can’t do the delivery.

There is a similarity between both delivery businesses. If you are making the delivery and if you get griefed or somebody blows up your vehicle or you crash it and you just want to make a perfect sale or there is a chance, that might be your delivery is far away.

If your vehicle is blown up, it will spawn back in the actual business. It is a kind of anti-griefing measure that Rockstars put in. You can reset it to make a perfect delivery and can shorten the time of delivery routes which will speed up the process.

It is a new type in the money grind activity that comes in GTA 5 Online.

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