Vehicles Datapack [Car & Helicopter]: How To Download and Install In Minecraft

The Vehicle Data Pack adds many new vehicles into the game. These vehicles include simple cars, and heavy trucks having unique models, and own health bars. This will help you to travel faster in the game.

Follow the steps below to install the Vehicle Data Pack in Minecraft:

  • Open the link below and download the mod file.

  • Launch Minecraft and click on PLAY. Then you have to click on Singleplayer.

  • Click on Create New World, type “vehicle” as the World Name and then click on “More World Options…”.

  • After that, you have to make some changes as shown in the image below, then press Done.

  • Click on Create New World.

  • Then tap on the “Save and Quit to Title” button.

  • Click on Singleplayer.

  • Click on “More World Options…”, tap on the vehicle icon, and then click on Edit.

  • Now you have to click on the “Open World Folder” option. 
  • Again open the appdata folder, follow the path and open the datapacks folder.

  • Paste the downloaded file and then paste the datapacks folder.

  • Now youa have to click on Save.

  • Finally, tap on the vehicle icon.

  • Explore and Enjoy the game.

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