Vigilante Guide – GTA Vice City

It is a complete guide for Vigilante [Running Rampant Trophy] in Grand Theft Auto Vice City. You will find everything you need to know about Vigilante [Running Rampant Trophy]. 

The first thing you will need to do is find and get in a police car to start this mission.

You have to reach and kill within a time limit in this mission. You can find multiple criminals in one or more vehicles moving around Vice city.

If you cancel or fail the mission, you will need to start over from level 1.

Upon completion of level 12, Tommy Vercetti’s armour will increase by 50 points.

You will also unlock the trophy “Running Rampant”.

Using the VCPD Cheetah or the FBI Washington can make this mission easier because you can bring both vehicles to “pay n Spray”.

This way, you can repair the car and remove the wanted level.

The Vcpd cheetah is parked behind the Little Havana police station on pc, or you can steal when the wanted level is at three stars.

The FBI Washing is parked behind Rock city downtown.

You can also use the Hunter attack helicopter to start the vigilante side mission, which, in this case, is called “Brown Thunder”.

You can find the hunter at the Fort Baxter air base after completing “keep your friend close…” or collecting 100 hidden packages.

You can enter the base freely if Tommy is wearing the police uniform.

The hunter can also be found on the Ocean Beach helipad once you have completed the story and collected all 100 hidden packages.

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