Village Project A Mountain Man’s Stall Quest Guide – Disney Dreamlight Valley

This is a complete Village Project A Mountain Man’s Stall Quest guide in Disney Dreamlight Valley. It will provide you with everything you need to know about the quest.

First, you will need to have some Soft Woods, Stones, Hardwood, and some Iron Ingots.

Softwood is found nearly anywhere, so you can find softwood in the plaza all around trees.

Softwood falls down all the time. After that, you need to get the stone from just breaking Stones.

Then hardwood is found in the glade of trust and the forest of Valor. Now you’re not going to get enough on your first run you’re gonna have to go through a couple of runs.

After that, you need to get some iron ore. Iron Ore is found in the Glade of trust and the sunlight Plateau and Forest of Valor as well. They’re the rocks that you need to mine in those areas, the tall rocks against the walls.

Once you got 10 iron ores, you have to go and craft 10 iron bars. You need 50 iron ore.

After that, talk to Kristoff.

Then you just need to craft Kristoff’s stall.

Then just place it anywhere you like.

Then go talk to Kristoff and your quest will be completed.

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