Villagers Won’t Breed (FIX) – Minecraft 1.16.4

This guide explains the method of how you can fix the “villagers won’t breed!” issue in Minecraft 1.16.4. You will need to find the bells and give as much bread as you can to villagers. 

The first thing is that you need to have a bell when you are spawning things in the village. Make sure that you have the bell nearby you.

The second thing you want to have is open space and make it flat when you are breeding your villagers because it is difficult to do pathfinding with the villagers. It just makes it easy for them to spawn. The next thing is to get your bread. You just have to give three of them and it increases their capacity.

Then you will need to find the villagers and will give them tons of bread. Just toss the bread and the villagers will pick it up.

If your villagers are not picking up the bread, then you will make sure to turn on your mob griefing because they will not breed if it is off.  The next thing you will need to do is to place down a large number of beds.

Try to make a flat area and put a minimum of 20 beds over there as each villager should have a bed.

You need to have at least 2 spaces above the bed. Another thing which you will do is to put a bunch of torches and a big wall there so that the villagers don’t die at night due to some attacks.

Once you make sure that the mob griefing is turned on, the other thing you have to do is to delete the already existing beds of the villages, as they will not breed if they are far away from the location and not on the new beds.

You have to make sure that the only bed they want should be the bed that you just placed. In this way, they will start breeding themselves. The time of the day also matters inbreeding. It may be in the morning or in the mid-afternoon as well. They will not breed at night. Another important thing is to remove the job blocks as well.

Now after removing all the job blocks, you have to put them all near the beds so that everything will happen in one particular place.

These things will make all the villagers stay close to each other and there will be a huge amount of breeding as well.

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