Warcraft 2 Cheat Codes

Warcraft 2 game was originally released in 1995 and it took the gaming world like a storm. It was the major game release during this period that really fascinates the game players. This game is a sequel to Warcraft: Orcs & Humans. Warcraft 2 is a strategic war game based on the traditional fight between human forces of Azeroth and the Orcish Hordes. Both sides will try to destroy one another by collecting the resources and creating an army. This game is still popular among the players, thousands of them are playing it all around the world.

If you fall short of any game perks, game items or you want to perform a particular function, then cheat codes help you to fulfil your desires. Warcraft has a vast range of cheat codes for PC and PS1 one that will provide you with items, perks and much more.

To use the cheat codes, you need to hit the enter key and type the code. Then press the enter again to get the desired reward.

Warcraft 2 PS1 Cheats

HTCHTXNSThis code is used to cut lumber in 2 chops.
THRCNBNLThis will end the game.
NVRWNNRThis code will removes the victory and you can play forever.
VIDZQuick oil load.
VRYLTTLThis cheat is used for magic Upgrade.
TSGDDYTDYou can make your character invisible with the help of this code.
NSCRNThis code will reveal the map.
MKTSYou and your opponent build ultra fast.
DCKMTThis cheat code allows you to build all the buildings.
GLTTRNGExecute this code and get more gold, timber and oil.
TSGDDYTDThis cheat code is used to enable the God Mode.
YPTFLWRMYou will lose the level if you execute this cheat code.
NTTSCLNSYou will win the current level if you execute this cheat code.

Warcraft 2 PC Cheats

NogluesThis cheat code is used to disable magical traps.
Orc# (1,2)Warp to orc scenario #
Human# (1,2)Warp to human scenario #
SwapmasksThis cheat code is used for fog of war.
LumberTwo chops to harvest lumber
FastbuildThis cheat code is used to foreces the fast construction.
ShowmapThis code will show the map code.
GodThis cheat code is used to enable the god mode.
CashThis code will give you lots of gold, lumber, oil and ore.
titleThis cheat code is used to enable or disable the cheat codes during multiplayer games.
allowsyncAllows surrender in multiplayer games.
never a winnerThis cheat code is used to remove the victory sequence and lets you continue playing.
you pitiful wormYou will get instant defeats after running this code.
fastdemoDemo start faster.
netprofThis code will display the network performance.
dayThis cheat code is used to display "fief" on the screen.
uclaThis code will display the "Go Bruins" on screen.
on screenThis cheat code is used to reveal the map.
showpathReveals map, not in multiplayer
there can be only oneThis cheat code enforces the quick ending.
hatchetThis code is used to cut lumber in 2 chops.
unite the clansThis cheat code is used to skip the level.
tigerlily XWarp to level X, where X is the level (orc12, human3, etc.)
every little thing she doesThis cheat code is used to upgrade mages all the way.
deck me outThis code will upgrade everything.
spycobThis cheat code is used to get 5000 oil.
valdezThis code will give you 5000 oil.
glittering prizesThis cheat code is used to get 10000 gold, 5000 lumber and oil.

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