Wars and Roses – Controls Guide

Wars and Roses is a completely unique FPS that takes you on the battlefield and into a world of high-stylized settings. You embark on an anti-terrorism campaign alongside female officers and are able to interact with them in a dating sim-styled 3D environment. You will also be able to rescue captured officers and gain affection through this process.

In this guide, you’ll find all the Controls to play Wars and Roses.

Move ForwardWPress W to Move Forward
Move BackSPress S to Move Back
Move LeftAPress A to Move Left
Move RightDPress D to Move Right
Lean LeftQPress Q to Lean Left
Lean RightEPress E to Lean Right
JumpSpacebarPress Spacebar to Jump
SprintLeft AltPress Left Alt to Sprint
DuckLeft ShiftPress Left Shift to Duck
Primary Weapon1Press 1 to Use Primary Weapon
Secondary Weapon2Press 2 to Use Secondary Weapon
Grenade3Press 3 to Use the Grenade
Flashbang4Press 4 to Flashbang
Medkit5Press 5 to Open Medkit
FireLeft Mouse ButtonPress Left Mouse Button to Fire
AimRight Mouse ButtonPress Right Mouse Button to Aim
Switch Firing ModeVPress V to Switch Firing Mode
ReloadRPress R to Reload
InteractFPress F to Interact
Command Blue TeamZPress Z to Command Blue Team
Command Red TeamCPress C to Command Red Team
All Follow MeXPress X to Follow me.

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