Way of getting Candy in King legacy Roblox

This guide will provide you with the fastest way of getting candy in King Legacy Roblox.

You can get candy by farming an elite skeleton while waiting for the sea beast and Jack O to spawn.  

So the average candy you can get from this boss is 1-5 candy, and the drop chance is probably 5%. 

You can also get candy from this NPC skull pirate; the average candy he gives is also 1 to 5 candy.   

So hunting sea beasts is the second fastest way of getting candy. 

It spawns every 1 hour, or you just server hop or buys the spawn legacy island for 275 Robux.

The last way of getting candy is by defeating Jack O.

The average candy drop by this boss is 100 or below candy, and he also drops pumpkin smashers. 

And a hollow lamp that gives the player 5% sword damage and reduces sword damage by 7.5%. He also drops a hollow shawl that gives +5% fruit damage and reduces fruit damage by 7.5%. 

You can also obtain a pumpkin head from him, giving +4% all damage and +5% reducing all damage.  

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