Way To Clear Blackport Pd 20 Waves In Last Day On Earth: Survival

In this brief guide, you will come to know the ultimate cheapest way to clear Blackport PD 20 waves (police station) in Last Day On Earth: Survival.

You will need five blocks, reinforced armor, one machete, 15 grenades, and 40 foods.

You can use ten grenades, bring two more Glocks and one shotgun for brawler and chomper. You have to clear the first ten waves with Glocks and a shotgun. You will need fewer resources if you use the modifications.

Twenty waves are significant as you can get rare resources from the PD box. You can use the cards that you get from zombies. So let’s rock. It is recommended to clear PD whole, then start waves as you will face the lagging issues.

First 3 waves with a machete, then 2 with Glock, and rests with grenades.

Wave one:

Wave 2:

Use your armor after the 2nd wave.

Wave 3:

Now equip Glock for the 4th and 5th waves.

Shoot and run; you can use sprint skills if you have.

Now grenades in the second pocket. Throwing nade is a bit tricky; if you miss it’ll be wasted. Save one hp guns for recycling.

Wave 6:

To throw a grenade, tap it once you see zombies on the minimap. Stand on nade for two seconds, then run.

Wave 7:

Perfect throwing is always essential. You may miss it once or twice, but once you learn it, it’ll always be perfect.

Wave 8:

Repeat the same grenade trick for the successive waves.

First clear outside, then do waves to reduce it. If you face a lag issue, then collect cards from the dead bodies.

Easy 20 waves, four Glocks, 15 grenades, 30 foods and reinforced amour. If you use modifications, then you will require fewer guns for sure.

Let’s collect the cards now!



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