Way To Clear Police Station Without Guns

In this brief guide, you will get to know the cheapest way to clear a police station (black port PD) without guns on the last day on earth: survival.

So you need a crowbar, 1/2 machete or pipe, a saw blade, 20 bandages, 30-40 carrots, and simple armor!

Don’t bother about the cell keys and cards. For the first few zombies, no armor; use a crowbar and carrot.

You can wall trick but better kill with a machete.

Grenade! Clear pd on every reset; you can easily get a grenade most of the time.

Don’t panic; wall trick with giants, but it’s a bit hard to wall trick hungry chompers; better smash it (if you are a noob).

Dress up before entering this compartment.

You can easily kill a riot with a saw blade or machete.

Don’t hit while the shield is up. Loot chests, you can get valuable items.

You can’t open this door if you don’t have burglar skill 3 (not most of the time).

Be careful with this explosive zombie; it will blast when its health goes below 20!

Use pipe or machete, don’t be a noob.

Let’s open a 5 PD box and cell.

One more thing, for beginners, don’t exchange the sergeant card for a green one!

Still plate on the first try. Wow, so lucky. You will get a steel plate from one of these five cells.


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