Way To Clear Red Forest In Sector 7 Solo

In this brief guide, you will find out the cheapest way to clear Red Forest In Sector 7 SOLO in Last Day On Earth: Survival.

You will need a high DPS weapon (like a battle axe or halberd), Crowbar, 40 juicy steak, iron hatchet, bandages, and armor.

Make sure you have 45 energy to travel. No need to kill every single zombie; kill some near the oak trees and chests.

In this situation, call one and kill one zombie! Use a crowbar wherever you can.

Use the same way again, call one and kill one because if you sneak hit, the other 3 kill you for sure. As two zombies cast, you can run away. Thus those zombies aggro will reset!

One hit to an ashy spitter and then oozer without any problem!

You will get six oak trees and 12 oak logs from the red forest!  Follow these tactics, kill one by one, and you won’t die unless something wrong happens.

Sneak hit and run because zombies near the chest won’t chase you too long as those are protecting your chest!

And kill the bloater first, as it will die with two hits! Then kill oozer easily.

Radiation will affect your health, so go a bit far from your chest and heal, then come back and loot!

You will always need to kill lower zombies first, then go for the big one!

As the ash wasn’t near the chest, so it will aggro you until it spits!

Don’t forget to collect mushrooms! You will need to level up your business.

You can kill deer and get rawhide!


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