Way To Complete Old Gas Station In Doz | Dawn Of Zombies

This brief guide will tell you the cheapest & most efficient way to complete Old Gas Station in Dawn Of Zombies.

You can clear an old gas station with normal melees and firearms. Three katanas for charred and tagger. Akm for beef and watchmen.

Then Sniper for a watchman. Twenty rough bandages and ten wound dressing for safety. Aktana for charge and tagger. You have to kill charred to get the key for the entering of ogs.

You can use regs to make rough bandages. Three broken cars here, disable the alarm of those. If you don’t taggers, keep spawning. Most of the time, the alarm gets triggered while disabling, and two taggers spawn.

Charred and taggers don’t deal much damage, so you can easily kill using katana. You can skip this bathroom, but you will always get alcohol and a bandage from the closet.

Check the supply display to get some valuable items. You will meet a gunslinger on the roof; he will give you the key only if you give him the required item he needs.

Now you will need to kill all claw, tagger, firefly using Sniper and katana. Search these two abandoned vehicles to get rare items.

Open this storage room if you don’t get that item gunslinger wanted.

Now snipe first, then use akm on the first health bar as in 2nd bar. And then watchman runs faster.

Now use Sniper to shoot twice, switch guns to run faster. Then make distance and do the same. Keep distance from fireflies so as not to be slowed. It’s easy.

Before opening UAZ storage, it is suggested to go back to your shelter, put all the items and then come back.

Stomper! Not every time a stomper appears, though.

Give the push and pull to the gunslinger, and you are done. Now, if you don’t want to deal with claws and stomper, close the game. But if you are not crowned, then you have to fight and die.


Use any acid wep to break the shield and then normal wep to kill. Remember, don’t go far from a stomper; he will restore full health.

Chipped shells to trade at the warehouse.



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