Way To Farm In Crossroads Sector 7 – Ldoe – Last Day On Earth: Survival

This Brief Guide will let you know about the cheapest way to farm in Crossroads sector seven without almost nothing (No weapons).

You need help from your two clanmates or friends to loot two cars.

You can use your 2nd ID also. Start from the right side, just let the 1st player trigger the car alarm and lure zombies far from the car.

If the 1st player dies, there is no problem. Just make sure you’ve nothing in your inventory.

Make sure your other two mates don’t move an inch. Trigger 2nd car alarm and lure zombies far; no problem if you die.

The 3rd player must wear a radiation suit to get rid of radiation. Also, the 3rd player must have to be invulnerable for a few seconds before starting the loot.

After looting the 1st car, you have to go for the 2nd one.

You can’t loot the 3rd one because there are many zombies near the 3rd one, another try. This trick is working perfectly. Developers just increased the attack damage of zombies for the third car.


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