Way to Get 10 Hearts With Every Villager – Stardew Valley

In this guide, you will find the best way to get 10 Hearts with every villager and the methods you can use to increase the friendship points in Stardew Valley

To earn a single heart, you have to get 250 friendship points which are very difficult in the game. When you talk with somebody, it will give you 20 points, and if they are doing any task, you will get only 10 points.  

If you invite someone to the movie theatre, you will get 100 points and also, if that person loved the movie, you will get 200 points. You will also get the list of movies liked by whom, as shown in the image below.  

If you buy them the snacks for the movie, you will get extra 25 points, or if they love these snacks, you will get 50 points. You can also find the list of which snacks are loved by whom, as shown in the image below. 

When you complete an item delivery quest, you will get 150 points for that and also, you will also get extra 10 points when you first kiss your spouse every day.

If a heart event gives you a choice, your decision will hurt you or help you because the points you get or lose depend on the events. So, you have to make a good choice every time to increase your points.

If you shoot others with a slingshot, then you will lose your heart and get -30 points. If you dig in the trash and get caught when they are within the seven tiles of you, you will get -20 except for Linus because he respects the hustle and gets +5 for that.   

The points may also decrease, and your friendship will decay when you don’t talk to someone on the given date or time.  

If you give someone a bad gift and they hate it, you will lose 40 points of friendship. If they dislike it, you will lose 20 friendship points, and if you gift something good, you will gain 20 friendship points.  

If they liked your gift, you would get 45 points of friendship, and if they loved your gift, you would get 80 friendship points.  

When you give a gift to your buddy on the winter feast, star will multiply the effect of the gift by 5. If you gift someone on their birthday, then the points of the gift will multiply by 8, which is very beneficial. 

To increase your hearts, you have to put the chests near the door of every NPC and add the gifts they love in the chests, as shown in the image below.  

You have to make sure that you put the chest because if the chest is on the villagers’ way, they will destroy the chest and every gift inside. You have to run house to house two times a week and take the item out of each person’s chest and give it to them.  

You can complete this process in 6 playing hours of the game and hit everyone in the town. Also, you have to visit Wizard, Leo, Sandy and the Dwarf once a week and try to pay the visit in the morning as they will be in their rooms.  

You will need to talk to each person when you give them the gift because then you will get extra friendship points as well, and it will take 12 in-game months to reach 10 hearts with someone. You can also increase the process for tricky town’s people by completing the Bulletin Board quest for them or taking them to the movies.  

If they love the movie and the snacks, then you will get a full heart. You can only take one person to the movie in one week. The hearts will decay when you reach the maximum with them, as shown in the image below.  

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