Way To Kill Devourer In Sector 7 – LDOE Season 9

In this brief guide, you will find out the cheapest way to Kill Devourer In Sector 7, Last day on earth Season 9.

You can use hazmat suits, revolvers, juicy steaks, and bandages. First, you have to go near the container; then, the devil will come from inside.

Always let the Devo spit; it helps to reset the punch damage of it.

If Devo won’t spit, the punch damage increases like 13 to 27. So on, in a hazmat suit.

The Devo will jump first time on 3600 and followed by 2600, 1400, 600.

After that, it will restore energy like a blind one if you don’t shoot continuously!

Devo deals 22 damage from the spit and slows you for 3 seconds, so be careful with it.

It may take some time to kill it. Finally, it is over.

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