Way To Unlock Zinogre And Yian Garuga – MHW ICEBORNE

This guide will let you know the fastest way to unlock Zinogre and Yian Garuga in MHW Iceborn. 

Step 1: First, you will need to beat the final boss of the DLC. It will unlock guiding land for you.

Step 2: After that, head to the guiding land.

You have to notice the Analysis progress top right. It should be Fanded Wyvern.

Step 3: And then you have to fill that analysis progress.

This is how the analysis progress Points work.

1. Break part of the correct type monster grants multiple pints.

2. Break part of the working type monster grants one point.

3. Capturing/Slaying the correct type of monster will get one point.

4. Killing a Tempered monster will fill one bar.

In this case, any Fanged Wyver works. So you have to go for the easy ones to do it fast.

Head back to the camp once the Bar is filled.

Step 4: Lure out Zinogre, talk to the handler, and report.

You will need to select lure monster this time.

Spawn Zingore in any locale you want.

Step 5: The next thing you have to do is slay or capture Zinogre. Once it’s done, he will be unlocked for you. He will appear in the investigation now.

To unlock Yian Garuga.

Step1: You will need to level up the ancient forest to 3+.

How to level Locale in guiding land?

To progress to a specific locale, you need to : 

1: Capturing/Slaying a monster.

2: Collecting tracks.

3: Breaking parts of a monster

4: Using a trap on a monster.

5: Experiencing a turf war.

Step 2: Head back and talk to the field leader.

He will give you a special assignment.

Step 3: Now, you have to finish this special assignment.

Once it’s done, he will be unlocked for you. He will appear in the investigation.

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