Way to Upgrade Village Merchants in Minecraft Dungeons

This guide will find the best and easy way to Upgrade Village Merchants and Traders in Minecraft Dungeons.

In the winter DLC, you will get some new villagers and traders in your base; they will give you six different options to select from, and you can restock it for less price. You also have a new blacksmith, which allows you to upgrade your weapons, armour and artifacts. The gift wrappers allow you to send items to your friends, and you also have two new merchants: mystery merchants and luxury merchants, as shown in the image below.  

The mystery merchant is very hard to upgrade because it will require you to have another two thousand enchanted mobs, which will unlock the final slot of the merchant. The luxury merchant needs more than thirteen thousand emeralds to restock.

To upgrade the merchant as quickly as possible, you need to go to the creeper woods because this place has the villager at the start, which you need to rescue and in the later levels, you will find more than eight villagers. You will need to go to the realms island, and there you will find pandas on the panda plateau, which you need to rescue. It is a very long level to complete, so it takes a higher amount of time than other missions, as shown in the image below.  

On the creepy winter DLC, you will rescue more villagers when you go to the Frosted FJord. You have to go to the last level of the mission to rescue them. 

If you don’t have the DLC, you have to go to the Redstone mines because it is the easiest and quickest way to farm villagers, enchanted mobs and mini-bosses. After all, you can rescue three villagers on this map. Later into the level, you will rescue another six villagers. 

There will be almost nine villagers in a single level of Redstone mines, so if you focus on rescuing villagers, this is the best map in the game. You can also find the mini bosses Evoker, Enderman and Redstone golem on this map. 

If you want to upgrade the mystery merchant, you first have to start doing the mission. You have to search for the mini-bosses and the villagers, and you also need to keep your map open. 

At the same time, you need to speedrun because this will allow you to see the map generated in front of you, which will help you focus on the pathways while doing the mission because on the Redstone mines, you can get stuck on the floor.

There, you will need to go to the northwest, and you can free the villagers, and they are always located at the same place. Now you need to go to the second room to find a mini-boss. When you find the mini-boss enderman, you have to damage and kill him, as shown in the image below.

Now you need to use your gong off weakening to kill the other boss, and he will drop the splendid rope, which is a rare item also; you will get double cooldown reduction as shown in the image below.  

After that, get back to your base with your nine new rescued villagers, which will help your progress as a village merchant. Now you need to go to the luxury merchant, and he will ask you to kill mini-bosses. You will get more progress from the Redstone mines on the mystery merchant. 

Now you need to start the Redstone mine mission. First, you need to find the villagers and rescue them because it will help you to progress and when you are on the counter of 251, you need to take down the enemies with purple beams because these also work as enchanted mobs.

You will also get a zombie spawner close to enchanters, and they will be able to enchant all the zombies, as shown in the image below.

After that, go back to your base and go to the mystery merchant. There you will see that you have earned 270 points from just a single level. If you are not playing with swirling, you can progress faster because it will kill all the mobs around you. 

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