Ways to Earn Money – Westbound (Roblox)


In this guide, we will tell you about different ways to earn money in the westbound. There are ways for cowboys and outlaws to get the money.

Earning money for outlaws:

First we will show you the ways to get money as an outlaw.

  • Rob Stores:

You can rob the general stores. Outlaws can only shop at outlaw camps. Go to the cash register and hold ‘F’.

You might need to rob two stores to make a full bag. So go to the next store.

Now, you have to wait for 50 seconds or you need to go to an outlaw camp. One tip is to grab a random horse or steal one.

  • Rob the Banks:

To rob the banks, you need to go to the back side. Then throw the dynamite at it to crack the wall of the bank.

Crack the cash holding safe. Take the money out and run away. Keep the money safe or take it back to camp.

  • Rob Players:

To rob players you need to go behind them and press ‘F’, it is like pick pocketing. You will also have to wait for 50 seconds.

You may need to fire the players to get their belongings. Actually, horse and cash from them.

You can also use lasso to rob. It costs $200 at the general stores.

Look for a volunteer. Lasso them and then hold ‘E’ to rob.

  • Rob the Train:

So, there is a train that will show up every few minutes. You will also hear a whistle when it arrives.

Come close to the train and leap over it. The passenger carts have money laying around to steal. It is very convenient!

There are also gold cars you can blow up. You can take these gold ingots but your bag should be empty to take that.

Earning Money for Cowboys:

The following ways to earn money won’t give you a bounty. So you will stay a cowboy.

Bounty Hunting:

Players with red name tags have bounties. If you kill them, you will get some money. The amount of money can vary for every kill.

You can also lasso players and arrest them to take money.

Lasso them and bring them to the sheriff’s office. And if they had stolen the money then you will get a reward too.

Returning Money:

When you kill an outlaw with money above their name, then they will drop money in a red bag. Bring it to the sheriff’s office for a reward.

Treasure Hunting:

Treasure chests spawn around the map. The amount it gives varies. You can open when you are an outlaw or cowboy.



To mine, get the Lv. 1 pick for free at any General Store. Buy it for no cash.

There are two mines, Stone Creek and Rust Ridge Quarry.

You can use dynamite to blow some of the stones. You don’t get any ores from dynamite though.

The best place to mine is at the Quarry. Go follow the sign to the core. You can mine at any of the Dig sites/ stone areas.

To get ores, you just mine stones. Copper is the worst, then silver, and gold is the best ore.

Keep picking up till your inventory gets to full. You can sell your items at a general store.


The best weapons for hunting are the Bow and Buffalo Rifle.

Deer are good animals for beginners like me. Try to aim for the head, you will get large meat and pelt. If you shoot it in the body, the pelt can sell for less. The more you hit it the worse the quality gets.

So these were all the ways to get money.

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