Ways To Farm Charms in MH Rise

In this guide, you will learn the easiest and fastest way to farm charms, lazurites and reach HR999. 

Step 1: You will need to grab a puppet spider in the locale. This will help us unlock the monster later.

Step 2: You can use Puppet spider and wyvern ride.

Step 3: Unload sticky Ammo Unto valstrax and use Tackle (x+A) to add in some stun if possible.

Use Charged WYVERN AMMO when Val is Down. Always make sure there is 3-5 sticky on Valtrex. 

Step 4: Close in to use charged WYVERN AMMO. Charge WYVERN Ammo to yellow for max.

Since you have done Wyvern ride earlier, stunlock will be an essay now.

Valstrax will do Ambush After Around 25% HP.

You have to press Y to sheathe When val flies. Watch Mini map closely and hold R + spam B button.

You can run double dogs with a paralysis weapon.

Step 5: Just Repeat Step 3 and 4, Val is nearly Dead. Double Dog Paralysis is pretty op and it is highly recommended.

Why not charge your Sticky you might ask. You can’t keep up the stunlock chain that way.

You can see how the Stunlock chain is maintained here. Doing charged shots will allow val to do attacks.

And further drag out the hunt it’s not wise. Why Not Capture? You Might Ask. Because Val is an elder dragon, so he can’t capture the elder dragon.

Elder dragon is just a general term coined by the guild. When they can’t put a monster in another category.

Well, in this case, just a fighter jet falcon Gundam and of course is an elder dragon.

Here We Go, he only did 2 attacks this hunt.

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