Ways To Find Rare Items (Leather Strips, Weapons, Dragon Scales) In Frostborn

In this brief guide, you will learn how to find rare items (leather strips, weapons, dragon scales) most easily in the Fastborn game.

You have to take a spear and a few healing items with you.

You are going to whisper (no PVP + no other friendly players there). No need to kill enemies; usually kill 1/2 if necessary.

There are three chests in the green zone; loot all.

From the first zone, you will get good loot. To reset the zone, leave and enter; you don’t need to travel places for reset.

The exact process is to loot three chests, leave and then enter. Resin is one of the rare items; keep it. You can see the leather strip, jacket, and resin in the inventory. If you farm in a whisper, you will get decent loot.

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