Ways To Fix PS4 Error Code CE-33984-7

In this guide, you will find out four ways to fix PS4 Error Code CE-33984-7 | Cannot obtain an IP address within the time limit.

Method 1: Check PS 4 Status

1- First, make sure to check if there is a server disruption going on. You may be seeing this error due to a timed-out connection during the PSN sign-in process caused by a server problem.

2- To check this, click on the following link https://status.playstation.com/. Once you reach this site, check the status page if it is currently displaying a problem with Account Management or PlayStation Store or If the PSN Status page is revealing a server problem that might be affecting your connection to the PSN network.

3- To solve this error, all you can do is just wait for the issue to be resolved by Sony and check this status page regularly.

Method 2: Restart your Modem and PS4 Console

1- In case you are still facing the issue, then restart your PS4 and router. To restart your router, just turn the router off and then unplug it from the power source for 30 seconds. Replug the power source and turn it back on.

2- To restart your PS4, press and hold the power button (on your console) and keep it pressed until you hear 2 beeps and the back fans turn off.

3- After your PS4 console is turned off, go ahead and remove the power cable from the power outlet and wait for a full minute or so to ensure that the power capacitors are completely drained.

4- After that, boot up your console normally and wait for the next startup to complete. Attempt to connect to the Playstation Network once again and see if the issue is resolved.

Method 3: Activate or re- Activate Console as primary

1- First, boot up your PS4 and access the Settings tab using the horizontal menu at the top of the home screen. Once you’re inside the Settings menu, go ahead and select the Account Management menu.

2- Inside the Account Management menu, select Activate as Your PrimaryPS4 menu, then choose to Activate at the confirmation prompt to initiate the procedure. In case your console is already set up as your primary PS4, deactivate it, then restart your PS4. After that, return to this menu to activate it once again.

3- Now restart your PS4 and see if the problem is resolved.

Method 4: Using Google DNS

1- Go to the Settings page of your PS 4, scroll down through the list of items, and select the Network menu. Once you’re inside the Network menu, go ahead and select the Set Up Internet Connection.

2- On the Set Up Internet Connection menu, choose Use Wi-Fi if you’re using a wireless network connection, or Use a LAN Cable if you’re using a wired connection. At the next screen, select Custom so you have full control over the values that get assigned.

3- Now, select the network you want to connect to. It will only happen when you attempt to connect to a wireless network. Unless you want to set up a custom IP, or you’re attempting to connect directly via PPPoE, choose Automatic at the IP Address Settings prompt.

4- At the DHCP Host Name prompt, choose Do Not Specify. When you get to the DNS Settings prompt, choose Manual so you can assign the Google DNS values at the next step. At the next screen, assign the following values to Primary DNS: and Secondary DNS:

5- Once you get to the MTU Settings menu, choose Do Not use, and do the same thing for ProxyServer.

6- Now that the operation is complete, you can do a Test Internet Connection procedure and see if the CE-33984-7 error has been resolved. Finally, try connecting your PS4 to another network, such as mobile data, or to some other network. Hopefully, now your issue will be fixed.