Ways to Make Money Fast Without Cheats in The Sims 4

This guide will find the best ways to make Money in The Sims 4. You can follow any of them to make money. 

Method 1

First, you have to harvest the dragon fruit to get a good amount of Samolians, and it requires a base game, but if you have a city living expansion pack, then it is the easiest way to get the dragon fruit to grow. You have to start harvesting it from planters during the romance festival to do so. 

If you have the realm of the magic game pack, then you can purchase the dragon fruit from the potion store in casters alley. And if you don’t have this pack, you have to progress to level 5 in gardening and craft a strawberry and a snapdragon plant, so you have to grow one strawberry plant and take a cutting of a snapdragon plant before grafting it, as shown in the image below.  

If you are at level ten in gardening, you can also purchase a rare seed pack that will give you dragon fruit seed and cost you one thousand Samolians each. So you have to grow your dragon fruit and earn a lot of money as harvesting a normal plant will give you about 2500 Samolians. And if you have a few plants and increase their quality, you can easily earn ten thousand Samolians a day.

Method 2

You have to use the stem ray, the sim ray is an invention made at level 2 in the scientist’s career, and it has only one base function to freeze the Sim. When you upgrade it, it will transform an object, and when you transform an object, you have to buy 375 Samolians showers as much as you can, as shown in the image below.  

Now you have to use your Sim tray to transform the showers, and it will change the showers into other showers and tubs. After that, you need to sell them, and it will give you a good amount of money, as shown in the image below.  

Method 3 

In this method, you have to paint masterpieces, it only requires a base game, and you have to buy an easel and start painting. You will not earn anything for the first few paintings, but when you reach level two, you will start making the masterpieces; you can sell them off to earn three thousand Simoleons from each painting. If you want to speed up this process, you need to have a creative visionary that will produce high-quality and marketable paintings that will also increase the sale price of your paintings. The classic and realistic paintings sell for the max amount of money. 

Method 4 

You have to play video game tournaments; you can enter into a video game tournament when your Sim reaches a higher level in gaming skills. These tournaments will give you thousands of Simoleons from each tournament. If you win the tournament, you will earn a bonus. Playing tournaments only requires a base game; you can also upgrade your gaming machine and stop it from breaking mid-tournament because it will affect your bottom line by cloning items, as shown in the image below.  

There are two ways to do it; the first one is you need to have a realm of the magic expansion pack, then you need to have a spell caster who has the skill to copy past or spell. You will need to find an item worth a hundred Simoleons, then copy Castro and clone again and again. You can use a potion tome which will cost you six hundred Simoleons. 

You also need to be careful with your spell caster charge because the sims will die if the charge gets overloaded. For the next best method, you need to have a get-to-work expansion pack, and then you have to reach level five in the clash career, which is a cloning machine. So now you need to find a clone worth a good amount of money, and then you have to sell them to get Simoleons. 

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