Ways to Make Money on Eclipse Rp in GTA 5

This guide will provide you with the BEST Ways to MAKE MONEY On Eclipse RP in Grand Theft Auto 5.

1- The first way to make money is to do mining with an RV full of safes. You have to buy an RV, the starting cost of an RV is around 90K as it depends on where you buy it and the cost per safe is going to be around 2k. If you have a full amount of safe where you can mine for a full hour in the mines and fill up your entire RV, every hour that you fill up the entire RV will net you about 20 to 30k depending on what orders you mine. Now the only problem with this is that there is a small risk of getting robbed, there is a chance that you can be robbed when you leave the mine.

When you buy the RV, you need to write /enter the RV, and do remember you have to buy safes from the furniture store. You can place the safes in the RV and fill them up with the mining material you get from mining and then you can sell them. Every single time you fill up these safes, you can make around 20 to 25k maybe even up to 35k. You have to keep 2 guards for their security.

If you don’t want to seat here for three hours, you can just lock the safes and fill them up when you come back. You also have to check the price of the ores at the foundry before you go mining as they are in high demand.

2- The second method to make a lot of money is by setting up a drug Lab as this will have a large initial cost and a pretty small risk if it is done right as it can make you a ton of money. You can make around 1k every ten minutes per table you own. The tables you buy to make a drug lab will probably cost you around 15k depending upon where you buy them. You also need to buy the other material to be used in Lab. First of all, go to humane labs and pick up plants from different labs as well as the other ingredients you can get from mining. You also need a good space to make these labs. The ventilators will cost you around 75k but it’s an AOE effect. You can actually stack your tables on top of each other.

If you don’t have a ventilator, the smoke will go out from the doors and the police can then rage against you for this. You also need water as water is going to be pretty cheap. You also have to keep an eye on the heat if something is cooking if the temperature goes up you have to pure water to cool it down.

Now you have to go to drug drop-offs when you reach the location press e as this will give you the demand for different drugs sell your drugs when they are in high demand then you can make a lot of money. Also do come to sell your drugs in the daytime.

3- The third way of making money is by going to drug labs, you will find a bunch of drug labs on the map. Start planting plants over and over again and then getting more ad more plants and then selling them to the people that are cooking you can make around 3 to 4k per bag as it depends if you are selling the bag itself or just the items in the bag.

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